Live in these 10 places? You are most at risk of "extreme winter time"

Many Midwest counties are the most vulnerable, according to a new study.

You can assume that the northern mountain regions are experiencing the most unpleasant mixture of freezing temperatures, blizzards and brutal storms . But according to a new study From Hvac Gnome, the most vulnerable places in the United States for harsh winters are in the Midwest.

Research compared 440 counties which present a "relatively high" or "very high" risk of "extreme winter time" according to FEMA. The study then found the most relevant factors in three categories - exhausted meteorological risk, winter climate and financial risk - and attributed a weight to each metric according to its importance. Curious if you are at risk for winter's anger? Read the rest to find out which 10 counties are the most vulnerable.

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County of Jackson, Missouri

Independence Missouri
Jon Kraft / Shutterstock

Global score: 56.78

Extreme weather risks: 5

Weather climate: 215

Ranking of financial risk: 10

The county of Jackson is the first of the three counties of Missouri in the Top 10. The county ranked fifth in the category of extreme weather risks, which is composed of the following measures: winter meteorological risk, risk of ice storm and risk cold wave.

County of Clay, Missouri

The skyline of Kansas City, Missouri at sunset.

Global score: 56.86

Extreme meteorological risks: 7

Weather climate: 200

Ranking of financial risk: 9

The second county of Missouri in the Top 10 is the County of Clay. Although its meteorological climate classification is not high, this county is ninth for financial risk, which includes the annual financial losses expected from winter meteorological events, ice storms and cold waves.

County of Lancaster, Nebraska

The skyline of Lincoln, Nebraska

Global score: 57.40

Extreme weather risks: 36

Weather climate: 137

Ranking of financial risk: 6

The only county in Nebraska in the top 10 is the county of Lancaster. It ranks high in the category of the meteorological climate, which consists of the average historic winter temperature.

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Ward County, North Dakota

Minot North Dakota
Yosoyana / Shutterstock

Global score: 58.09

Extreme meteorological risks: 6

Weather climate: 25

Financial risk: 16

According to the study, 26 different Dakota counties in the North are in the top 100 most vulnerable in winter times. The state is known to have some of the coldest winter temperatures.

County of Washington, Arkansas

Overlook of the town of Fayetteville, Arkansas with the University of Arkansas

Global score: 58.75

Risk of extreme weather risks: 1

Weather climate: 310

Ranking of financial risk: 7

The County of Washington is the only one in the south to make the top 10. And with its first classification for extreme meteorological risk and the classification of seventh place for financial risk, it is not surprising.

County of Nassau, New York

Uniondale New York
Audley C Bullock / Shutterstock

Global score: 58.99 AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Risk of extreme weather risks: 156

Weather climate: 259

Ranging of financial risk: 2

While Nassau County, New York is fifth in the general classification, this county ranks second for financial risk. HVAC GNOME notes that its expected annual financial loss of winter weather events is $ 1,391,020.17 and that its expected annual financial loss of ice storms is $ 25,695,387.54. It is also the only county in the northeast in the top 10.

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County of Tulsa, Oklahoma

tulsa oklahoma skyline

Global score: 61.36

Extreme meteorological risks: 3

Weather climate: 324

Ranking of financial risk: 4

The Oklahoma winter meteorological risk score is 99.9, while its ice storm risk score is 99.7, which contributes to its overall vulnerability.

County of St. Louis, Missouri

Clayton Missouri

Global score: 61.60

Extreme weather risks: 4

Weather climate: 244

Ranking of financial risk: 5

The last county of Missouri in the top 10 is the county of St. Louis. Similar to the county of Tulsa, the county of St. Louis also has high scores in the category of extreme weather risks.

COOK County, Illinois

Chicago Cityscape in Winter during Polar Vortex - Frozen Lake Michigan - Aerial View

Global score: 62.89

Extreme meteorological risks: 9

Weather climate: 141

Ranking of financial risk: 3

Not only did Cook County obtained a score of 100 for the risk of the cold wave, but its expected annual financial loss of cold waves is $ 68,048,044.45, depending on the study. These things place him as the second most vulnerable county for winter conditions.

County of Johnson, Kansas

Cityscape photo of Overland Park, Kansas
Triggerphoto / Shutterstock

Global score: 72.62

Extreme meteorological risks: 2

Weather climate: 219

Financial risk: 1

Johnson County, Kansas, takes first place as the most vulnerable to winter weather. He marked 100 in winter meteorological risk and suffered the most awaited annual financial loss of winter weather events at 10,389,911.19 $.

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