Reese Witherspoon was "furious" with Nicole Kidman during "Big Little Lies", says Insider

Hollywood friends would have hit a hook in their friendship regarding the HBO show.

Big little lies was one of the biggest television successes of 2017. Fans were glued to all the secrets and the theater which revolves around the rich Californian community of the program and the group of women at the center of A shocking death . The flowed set, which includes Reese Witherspoon ,, Nicole Kidman ,, Laura Dern ,, Zoë Kravitz , And Shailene Woodley , was rented for their game, with many price appointments and victories to support this.

But when the first season on HBO, a rumor was propagating that two of the stars of the show, although seemed to be friends, disagreed with the series. Read the rest to know why a source says that Witherspoon was "furious" with Kidman shortly after Big little lies Hit the waves and to see what these actors themselves have said about their relationship.

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An initiate said Witherspoon was "furious" with Kidman.

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THE Daily mail reported in 2017 that a source returned to an Australian publication New idea that Witherspoon was crazy with Kidman . The problem? Witherspoon did not believe that Kidman was doing enough to promote Big little lies And rather put your efforts to his film, Lion .

"Reese is furious that Nicole did not do more to support Big little lies "Said the initiate." Everything she talked about in the interviews is Lion . If Reese had known that Nicole would put the show so far on the rear burner, she would have thrown a random. "Witherspoon and Kidman are also both producers of the series.

The source added that Witherspoon feared that Big little lies It would not be as well received in the United States as she hoped, which left her "nose outside the joint". It ended up not being the case - Big little lies was a success with the public and criticism.

The initiate said that there were tensions between Kidman and Witherspoon with the 2017 Oscars, which were held a week after Big little lies Created. "You can cut the tension with an wincurn knife," they said. "Nicole said to her people to keep Reese far from her - there is no love lost at all."

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There were also affirmations that they no longer work together.

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According to Daily mail ,, New idea also pointed out that there were "stretched arguments" between Witherspoon and Kidman when Big little lies was in production so bad, they would probably no longer work together. A source said: "If the show does not make waves or do not obtain better grades, it will probably mark the end of the joint ventures of Reese and Nicole."

Someone who has denied that there were problems.

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A representative who would have been close to Kidman and Witherspoon said Daily Mail Australia That the affirmations of the source on their relationship were "completely incorrect".

"Everyone is delighted with the rear teeth with Big little lies . [Reese and Nicole are] great friends, they love each other and they like the way each other work, "said the representative.

Another source also said to Daily mail This kid had promoted Big little lies As much as its co-stars.

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They continued to work together.

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Witherspoon and Kidman's working relationship did not end with Big little lies Season 1, of course. They continued to collaborate in the second season of the show, which was published in 2019, and a third season is on the way.

"We work there", " Kidman said Variety In January, adding that she and Witherspoon "sent SMS every day" to the coming season. "There is a calendar and we do it," said the actor.

Earlier this month, Witherspoon made a similar comment has Variety At the Golden Globe Awards. "We work there", Savage According to Star. "Nic and I work there a lot."

Witherspoon admitted that they had their differences, but they are still BFF.

Witherspoon opened on His friendship with Kidman In a 2019 interview with, in particular by admitting that they have had their share of disagreements. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"We agreed, we had fights and we got back," said the actor. “We had all kinds of experience together. We were on vacation, we worked together and we disagree on things, but I think it is the beauty of having a real partnership with someone. Ours is a real friendship. Isn't that a false Hollywood photo, do you know? I really appreciate this of our friendship. "Witherspoon also called Kidman" just a charming person whom I feel really lucky to know ".

As for Kidman, she posted on her friendship with Witherspoon on social networks. For the Line The star's birthday in 2019, Kidman shared a photo On Instagram of them hugging and wrote: "You deserve all the love and hugs of the world wishing you a happy birthday happy birthday beautiful woman. I love being in this journey of life with you. XX Nic."

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