Cesar Millan says you should never walk behind your dog - here's why

The famous dog coach says it will transform your walks.

If your dog has trouble behavior problems —Barking, overexcitement or aggression - the race for walks can increase your stress. Again Celebrity dog training expert Cesar Millan Said there is a simple solution that can tame your dog's temperament: make them work by your side. In a series of recent videos, Millan shows how this simple change can transform bad behavior when you have come out for a walk. In fact, he says there are three key reasons why you should never walk behind your dog and offer good advice on how to prepare your animal to succeed.

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Walking in front of you makes them feel too stimulated.

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When you let your dog walk in front of you rather than your side, Millan suggests that they feel likely to feel upwid. This makes dogs more reactive to their environment, which ultimately made them bark, split or continue. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

In Tiktok Post , Millan shows how the simple fact of walking your dog next to you rather than in front of you can prevent them from responding to their most tough assault triggers - in the case of a dog, a roller board nearby. Holding the leash at a shorter distance but without any tension, Millan guides the dog to walk by his side, keeping "calm and safe, but not tense". The owner's amazement, the dog ignores the skateboard that had sent him to a frenzy a few moments before.

This puts them in the role of protector.

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When you walk behind your dog, you put them in a position to be the pack and the protector. This can inadvertently accelerate Your dog assault , especially around other dogs.

"" He must follow , rather than directing, "said Millan, while demonstrating his corrective approach with a Golden Retriever." We keep him in the state of a follower. Now that he is in the state of a follower, he will give you a different behavior. ""

Millan walks the retriever in a circle around another dog, holding the leash at a short distance and keeping the retriever on the outside side. "We say:" We can walk around you, but we will give you distance and respect your space "", explains the coach.

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It's dangerous on "Walks Pack".

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When you walk more than one dog in a " ride "It is particularly important to make sure you never walk behind them, Millan says:" Otherwise, it would be a walk by shooting or an exploration walk or a follow -up walk ", which can quickly become dangerous in a group.

"If a dog is in front, then he has the right to direct or choose or stop ... he has the right to eat everything on the ground, so you will not be able to prevent it., That Allows migration, in this way, they can ignore the environment. For security reasons, they must be in a state of follower, "said Millan.

Here's how to prepare for success.

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Millan says that there are a few simple ways to facilitate the process for you and your pet. First of all, he always uses a sliding leash, which is tightening if the dog pulls, although he notes that you should refrain from shooting yourself.

While your dog is always a puppy, he suggests getting them Used on the leash By dragging them to pass the head through the necklace of leash themselves. You can do it by holding a treat on the other side, by practicing putting it and removing it.

Then he says you should demonstrate your feeling of calm so that the dog can match your energy. "Once you have silence and calm, the mind is open. If you were to [say]:" You want to walk!? "Then, the mind is excited, and the mind will listen to excited sources - toys, dogs, squirrels, food," he said, adding: "It all starts from the start".

Finally, he says that you must always define your intention before leaving for a walk so that your dog understands what to expect: follow, play or explore. "And then you do it for a long time, until your dog goes up in the area," explains Millan.

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