How to switch a "wolf cut", the trendiest celebrities in hairstyle like

You can get the look, regardless of your hair type, say the stylists.

If you have spent time on Tiktok or Instagram recently, or if you have made a foot in a room in high school, you have probably seen or heard of the wolf cup trend. THE layer's haircut is a cross between a shag of the 70s and a mule, often stylized with waves or perfectly ruffled curls - and it is one of the most trendy haircuts of the year.

Open a tabloid and you spot it on celebrities like Billie Eilish ,, Miley Cyrus ,, Jenna Ortega , And Halsey , but you don't need to look far for big wolf ideas. According to Google Trends, the wolf's haircut first attracted attention to winter 2021; However, its popularity has continued to grow, especially since it went from a more daring style to a style every day. Continue to read to find out more about the haircut, including how to customize them for different hair lengths and textures, and how to stylize them to increase the volume.

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What is a wolf cut?

At its essence, a hairstyle cut of wolf is an update of the Shag haircut. "In this modern version, the upper layers are left a little longer and are tapered on the sides and the length for a shape that follows the natural curve of your head and your neck," explains Lisa Abbey ,, hairdresser and founder of Flygirl Beauty Brands.

The cut works on any length or texture of hair, although you may want to make slight modifications depending on the shape of your face and the texture of the hair.

When you visit your stylist, you may notice that the hairsut wolf cut requires a technique somewhat different from your banal rib. "For this type of cut, your stylist will generally use a texturing razor or shear or use a cutting or tilting technique with regular shears to provide a disorderly texture and a controlled chaos effect on the layers," explains Abbey.

You can discuss before your appointment to decide which method and changes are the best for your unique hair, as well as your hair care routine and style.

How to decide the bangs for your wolf cut

Billie Eilish posing at a Variety event wearing a red coat with a large collar; her brunette hair is styled in a wolf cut
Images Rodin Eckerroth / Getty

One of the best questions your stylist will probably have for you is the way you want your bangs look.

"The fringe or the fringe of this cut really define the style," explains Abbey. "You can go with a heavy blow with textured advice for a look more from the 70s or a long vaporous ride of curtain style for a softer look."

Get the contribution of your stylist here because your hair type can come into play when you decide.

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How to make a wolf cup larger

Before even leaving your stylist's chair, there are things you can do to make sure that a flat cut is not a problem.

"Shorter and more exaggerated diapers at the top, as well as the crown of the head, will create a larger wolf cut," explains Darrius Peace ,, living room And master hairdresser and hairdresser at Hayah Beauty. "Drying and style will also contribute to a more complete showcase of the style."

A texturing spray spritz or dry shampoo after your drying can increase the volume even more, especially if you work with thin or fine hair.

Can you make a daring wolf cut with shaved sides?

You can - and it is also a strongly trendy look.

"Since the layers of this style are narrower and are closer to the head, unlike the typical superposition which gives volume on the sides and around the face, it is a next natural step to take the sides even more tight, "explains Abbey. "This will result in a super-educational wolf look."

Before committing, do not forget that the growth period on this cut can take some time.

Will a wolf cut work for thick hair?

Blonde woman with thick wolf-cut hairstyle wearing a black top against a gray background
Okskukuruza / Istock

Wolf cuts are not only reserved for fine hair, they are also an excellent choice for thick wicks, although your stylist can change their technique.

"In addition to using the razor for the textured ends, your stylist will also come with a texturing or lightening shear to eliminate additional bulk and release natural waves and texture," explains Abbey. In this way, the hair will be easily put in place once stylized.

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Will a wolf cut work for curly hair?

This trendy haircut is also ideal for those with curly or wavy hair.

"For these customers, your stylist will jump the razor - he can make this hair texture even more frizzer - and enter with a lot of cut and tip," explains Abbey. "A smoothing treatment that leaves the hair with waves and movements, such as a K-Gloss Korean , will also help avoid too much volume and soften the loops in waves. ""

You will want to ask your stylist to think, to see if it's a good option for you.

What are the wolf cutting ideas for stiff hair?

If you have naturally stiff hair, you will want to follow the volumization advice described above.

"To add an additional" oomomp "or zhu, you may want to consider treatment of the texturing wave, as Arrojo's American wave Said Abbey. This will ensure that agitated layers have life and movement.

How to make a short wolf haircut

Miley Cyrus posing at a Tom Ford show wearing a black jumpsuit and a blonde wolf-cut hairstyle.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

A cut of wolf for short hair is also a major look. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"For this style, we generally look towards a vaporized or dashing outline and the sides can be hidden behind the ear," explains Abbey. "The wolf layers can be cut or shaved, but keep them near the head and turned for a subtle movement and shape."

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What is a Cup of the Arc-en-Ciel wolf?

The hair cut with the rainbow wolf is made with several colors woven in the hair. A professional colorist can help you choose the amount of color to add and how light you can go.

"In this look, the strands of desired pastel primary colors are strategically placed in the hair to accentuate the texture and the lengths," explains Abbey. "Instead of foiling or scanning, for this look, we prefer to paint in hand the flash and the color, which allows your colorist to follow and accentuate the curves and the movement of the diapers."

As you can imagine, this color and this cut are a real show!

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