The genius of wearing summer dresses during winter

You will get more mileage from your wardrobe in this way, say the stylists.

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Each fall, we analyze our cupboards without ceremony to eliminate summer dresses and storage them. A lot Sleeveless options Get the boot, as well as lighter fabric items and those with shorter hems, leaving you with a sleek wardrobe composed of knitting, denim, pants and sweater dresses. But before doing this this year, take note. Fashionistas on Tiktok share new ways to style summer dresses in autumn and winter. Learn these hacks and you will get more mileage from the things you already have.

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This piracy transforms a summer dress into a sweater and skirt combo.

We are always looking for new ways to style the clothes we already have, and the user of Tiktok @Refrainaria discovered the ultimate hacker for carrying summer dresses during cooler seasons.

In a recent Video on Tiktok , she shares how. First of all, she changed in her summer dress and then put a bra (she used an under-in-earth bra, but you can also use a sports bra). Then she pulled a sweater on both.

"You take the end of your sweater and enter it under your bra," she explains. "And then you have this pretty cropped sweater that you can wear on all your dresses." She adds that you can keep the rear of the unclogged sweater or twist it and put it in the bra.

Regarding autumn and winter style, it might be better to try this with deep and rich color dresses (the tiktker shows hacking with an olive green dress). But really, you can do it with any dress you want to get more wear!

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You can also buy these genius tights.

Another way to extend the wear of your dresses is to team them up with tights. However, there are hotter options than those you are used to nylon.

In other Tiktok video ,, Kristina Kacheeva (@Kristinakacheeve) shows a pair doubled with fleece. With over 13,000 reviews on Amazon , these tights are a viral blow in good faith. They stop like leggings but have a tan of tanned color, so it seems that you wear tights.

In his video, Kacheeva associated them with a black turtleneck in a knit, a black slip dress and black boots for the ultimate glamorous look which is also warm.

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Or thermal underwear.

For a more relaxed look, overlap your dresses on thermals. Ivy Nicole (@ivy_nicocole), a Australian Tiktker showed this style in a recent video. It begins by shooting on Uniqlo thermal pants, then by putting a summer skirt and a cardigan on the top. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

For a second hold, it wears the complete thermal thermal set - a top and a bottom - and wears a strapless dress and a woolen coat on it. "You wear a dress but you are always comfortable," she said.

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Have fun mixing and matching!

Close up of cardigans and linen button-down shirts
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Other fashionistas Tiktok have found a multitude of creative ways to take their dresses in winter by superimposing several pieces simultaneously. User @dressmelikethat twinned a floral black Mini dress with tights, boots, white buttoned and a black sweater vest. User @Shanzy_wadie corresponded to her dress With a white button and a large knitting sweater.

Of course, there is always secular hacking to wear a turtleneck or long -sleeved shirt under your dress. You can also put a cardigan on top or shoot a sweater that is already cropped, so you don't need to use a bra to keep things in place. Add your coat and you are ready to go.

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