The Adriana Lima model publishes a selfie without makeup after the fans call it "unrecognizable"

Recent photos of the red carpet have led to speculation about its appearance.

The first of Los Angeles of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes Tuesday, it was a question of celebrating the last film of the franchise. But the photos of the red carpet of the event led to speculation on a participant who is not even in the film. Social media users began to criticize the appearance model Adriana Lima , who was invited during the first, after shots of her showed up online. Some have also speculated on the cosmetic procedures they believe that the 42 -year -old man, some of whom called "unrecognizable", suffered. It didn't take long to tackle the hatred she received.

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As indicated by Page six ,, Lima responded to her detractors On its Instagram history on Wednesday, November 15. She published a selfie without makeup looking directly in the camera and subtitled it ", the face of a mother tired of a teenager, two pre-adolescents, an active boy, a 1 year by learning to walk And three dogs ... Thank you for your concern. "

Lima has two daughters, 14 years old Valentina and 11 years old Sienna , with her ex-husband, former NBA player Marko Jarić . In 2022, she welcomed a son, Cyan , with its current partner Andre Lemmers . As indicated by People ,, Lemmers has two children ,, Miah And Lupo , of a previous relationship, which are probably the other children to which Lima refers in her Instagram post. The Lemmers and all the children, except the Cyan, attended the Ballad of singers and snakes singers First with the model.

Adriana Lima's Nov. 15, 2023 Instagram post
© Adriana Lima / Instagram

After leaving the photos of the first, many people went to social networks to discuss Lima's appearance. "Adriana Lima ... Baby, why did you do this?" wrote an x (Formerly Twitter) User. Another display , "Oh no, Adriana Lima had a very bad eyebrow facelift pulled her eyes bad." Someone else posted , "Adriana Lima, WTF did you do to your face."

After posting the selfie without makeup, Someone wrote , "My thing about surgery / plastic loads is that you absolutely have the right to do anything for your face / body, but then act indignant when people notice it? It's wild. Especially when you need any new face [explained]. " Another person wrote , "It's the face of a tired mom with a lot of injections !!!"

Lima did not publish images of the first on the main grid of her Instagram account, but the most recent photo she shared is also full of comments on appearance.

"What did you do with your beautiful face? Does it look different?" Someone wrote on A message of November 8 . Another commentator wrote: "She did something on her face, the Botox, the charges, she is not the same." A fan posted: "Oh no, not you why! Your beauty was given by God! I pray that they were only loads and they will dissolve…. You are always the most beautiful but it breaks my heart. "" Someone else said, "I would never say it's Adriana .. unrecognizable. I don't know why."

Adriana Lima at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016
Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

Lima previously discussed the shortcuts of its appearance , concerning the changes that her body has crossed when she welcomed Cyan. "Every day, I have to remember that" listen, accept who you are. Accept your body "" she said to People in April. "It is a transitional body right now because I had a baby. So you just created life. It is such a great blessing. Each body has a different reaction with pregnancy and post-Grossess . " She continued: "Every day, I have to remember, I am human. I am safe here and there. And then every day, I learn new things. And with age, your body reacts differently. It's good. I. I learn. " AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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