6 best clothes to buy in thrift stores, stylists say

You don't need much hunting to find these pieces.

It is a known fact that clothing quality has dropped in recent decades - so finding used items is often a great way to discover parts with high -level materials and know -how. In addition, you can also collect more unique things in thrift stores. But before you start your next shopping excursion, know that personal stylists say you should keep an eye on certain things. Continue reading to learn the best clothes to buy in thrift stores.

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Visit your local thrift store and you may meet a treasure quality denim .

"Buy Levi Strauss, Lee and Wrangler jeans, but also search for jeans, rides, skirts and shorts," said Elizabeth Kosich , certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich style . "Transform your discoveries into a denim into a creative DIY project by embellishing patches, embroidery, jewelry or a fun fabric lining. Or, reinvent separate denim and cut jeans into shorts or a jacket with a vest."

When you collect them for $ 10 per pair - as opposed to $ 50 and you would spend buying them new - the opportunities are endless.

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Coats and cashmere

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Coats and sweaters are often first -rate items, especially if you are looking for high quality quality fabrics like cashmere and wool.

"First of all, look at the materials," said Hellana Mardasian ,, Personal stylist and buyer . "You can take incredible good deals when you focus on finding hidden jewels by refining high quality fabrics like cashmere eaters and the previous season for a price fraction."

Inspect the clothing for wear, because these workplace work parts tend to show it easily, and decide if there is something that should be repaired. Take this in the total price when you debate the store with something.

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Is there something more fun than trying a bunch of funky accessories in the Thrift store?

"The hats were a large part of the fashion in the 1940s and 50s and remain some of the most well -preserved vintage finds today," said Kosich. "Buy wool fedoras, caps, bells, straw panama and fur trapper hats - if you are lucky, there are even superior decorative fascinators." AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Pro advice: always ask if the original box packaging is available. In this way, you can store your hat safely.

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Formal clothes

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The purchase of a different dress for each occasion adds up quickly. Save money by buying a second hand.

"Smoking dresses, formal clothes is a treasure in vintage stores," says Kosich. "Look for sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, taffeta, tulle and satin, and styles like hemoles of tea length, corsages corsets, bell sleeves and vest tails."

Before slipping your card, check the holes, tears, stains, missing buttons, blocked zippers and yellowing. While experts such as dry cleaners, tailors and catering services can solve these problems, you will want to consider the price.

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Embroidery and pearls

beaded clothing items you're storing wrong

The used shop is the ideal place for something really unique, so keep your eyes open for fresh touches.

"Search for parts that have complex details such as embellishment, embroidery and pearls," explains Mardasian. "It's always great to have something unique, and these additional additional modules will increase the value of the element."

You could find interesting articles on bags and belts as well as on sweaters and dresses.

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Fancy jewelry

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Before leaving the thrift store, take a look at its jewelry shelves. However, keep some things in mind.

"Make sure to inspect the confusion for cracks, rrasses or loose or missing settings, and also check the earring clips for a tight adjustment, and the bracelet and the collar to ensure secure closures", explains Kosich. "For the pieces of bakelite and acrylic, check the scratches and the nebulosity to choose the most superior pieces."

You might find living pieces or just a fabulous jewel to wear with a new dress.

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