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Queen Rania does not put a lot of makeup on her skin

The beautiful Queen of Jordan, Rania is not only one of the most famous and influential ladies in the world, but also an inspiration for many women; It is full of vitality, softness and energy, besides that it is a warm, beloved, supportive and spontaneous mother and has millions of fans around the world, and besides that it can also be considered an icon of beauty and fashion, which is greatly evident in her recent looks during the wedding of her daughter, Princess Iman and her son, Prince Al -Hussein, so what is the secret Its beauty and grace?

Secrets of the beauty of Queen Rania's skin

Queen Rania does not apply a lot of makeup on her skin, as she always tries to keep her skin naturally, by applying moisturizing creams daily, and while going out she puts a simple makeup and some lipstick with mascara and eye shadow.

The secrets of the beauty of Queen Rania's hair

Queen Rania relies on the corrugated hairstyle that makes it loose and leaves it dropped on her back, sometimes the side strands are fixed to the background, and at other times it depends on the horse's ponytail raised up, and all these hairstyles highlight the beauty of her brown hair hues and give her at the same time a classic and soft look.

The queen always dyeing her hair in a golden brown color and sometimes she color some tufts in caramel or platinum, and thus appears in public as if sunlight is normal for her hair, and Queen Rania prefers to cut her hair gradually, which gives him density and beauty, but if she wants to adopt this story, do not do it. Doing a lot of gradual layers, because the many layers reflect the lightness of hair.

Queen Rania's grace secrets

For me, one of the most feminine features of beauty in Queen Rania is her striking grace, especially as she gave birth to four children, two of them married, yet she still looks smaller and more beautiful, and her righteous promises give her splendor and softness, as the Queen follows the GI diet; That system, which is based on the blood sugar indicator.

This diet depends on losing weight on the way to prepare food, as it mainly depends on the foods of the "glycemic", which works to promote fat burning and losing weight, and Queen Rania usually begins to eat nuts or soaked almonds, while breakfast consists of egg whites and cheese Its food is full of brown rice and steamed steam, and for her dinner, it is chicken and steamed vegetables, and Queen Rania loves dark chocolate and couscous.

It should be noted that Queen Rania does not depend on her grace on the diet only, but she also exercises and yoga as well as all martial arts such as taekwondo, karate and cake boxing, and never abandons daily running and aerobics exercises.

The secret of Queen Rania's elegance

When you see her for the first time, she will fall in love with her classic attractive looks, and the Queen usually chooses in her look soft necklaces studded with precious stones and earrings. The most prominent of which Queen Rania shines is the Jordanian garment that carries accurate embroidery made by Jordanian hands, and the Queen appeared in a lot of wonderful dresses, most notably the amazing dress she wore in the joy of Princess Iman, and the classic black dress she wore in the joy of Prince Al -Hussein, as she looked like a jewel shining in Amid the ceremony.

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