Mary Tyler Moore was "never close" with the co-star of "Dick Van Dyke", says her daughter

Rose Marie would have been "jealous" of the rising star.

The Dick Van Dyke Show have shown viewers the two sides of the main character Rob Petrie ( Dick Van Dyke ) Life: his work as a comedy and his domestic happiness with his wife Laura ( Mary Tyler Moore ) and his son Ritchie ( Larry Mathews ). However, one of the other stars of the sitcom initially believed that there would be more emphasis on the comedy of work of all this, which would have led to a tension with Moore.

Rose mary Played Sally Rogers, one of the colleagues writers of the comedy, throughout The Dick Van Dyke Show run. And according to the actor herself, as well as his daughter Georgiana Guy Rodrigues , Marie and Moore were not friends, although they were co-stars for five years. Marie's daughter also shared in a recent interview that her late mother was "jealous" from Moore. Read more to find out why classic television comrades were "never close".

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Marie said they "had never succeeded".

Rose Marie on

The vision of The Dick Van Dyke Show would have changed when the sitcom was being developed. Marie admitted before her death that she was initially upset that the importance given to the marriage of Rob and Laura meant that she would not have as great role as she thought it. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"Regarding Mary, she was the last added. Mary and I never hit ourselves very well", " Marie said Vulture in November 2017. She died in December of the same year at 94, while Moore had died in January 2017 at 80.

"We worked together, but we have never been close enough," said Marie. "I understood that I was supposed to co-star, which I did. [Creator of the series] Carl [Reiner] later told me that they planned to focus more on the thing with Mary and Dick and the family. And I said, "But if I am the co-star, how can it be?" But Carl helped me understand everything. ""

Her daughter said she was "jealous" from Moore.

Rose Marie on

Rodrigues said Fox News Digital in August 2023, while promoting Rose Marie sings: the complete recordings of Mercury and more , "Mary was standing. Towards family life with Dick and Mary." She added: "They never became close."

Rodrigues also said that his mother had become jealous of Moore, that the sitcom turned into a star.

"Mary was ... not really out of it when it comes to [being] lovable with everyone because she was new," said Rodrigues. "She started. She learned. And my mother admitted later ... She said," I was probably a little jealous because she drew a lot of attention and everything. "As the show progressed, it became more on Dick and Mary [being] far from the office."

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Marie said Moore was ready to become famous.

Mary Tyler Moore stepping off of an airplane circa 1961
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Marie noted in interviews that Moore was focused on her promising career at the time.

"Mary Tyler Moore was brand new and very pretty," Marie said in her own interview With Fox News. "She had a good figure. And everyone went crazy for her. She was very feminine, very charming. I was still with the boys. I was never in this position. I dragged with Carl [Reiner ] And Dick [Van Dyke]. Mary was very, very busy becoming a star. Even the first day we were in rehearsal. She said: "I'm going to have my own show. I would say:" Why don't wait You don't do this one first?; But Mary, she was really a Go-Getteuse. She has learned a lot from all of us. And we all helped her. "

On the PBS Special 2009 Make people laugh: America's funny business ,, Marie also talked about Moore's ambition . "She came, the first day of the whole, and said," I'm going to have my own business, called MTM. And I'm going to have a small cat-puste instead of a lion [like the MGM logo]. And I watched it and I said, "It's a first show. He is a pilot. We don't even know if it's going to go ”… but it was very ambitious. And she accomplished what she wanted to accomplish. ""

Moore continued to start MTM Productions - with the cat logo - and she played on her own show, The Mary Tyler Moore show , for seven years.

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She had a stronger relationship with another co-star.

Rose Marie and Dick Van Dyke at a screening of
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While Marie and Moore did not have much personal relationship, Marie was good friends Van Dyke, who was also Permanent friends with Moore .

"Dick was one of the easiest people in the world to get along," Rodrigues told Fox News Digital. "It was never a problem-never. You could go," Dick, go there and stand on your hands. "… Offshore, he would go ... We have become close to Dick. I became very close to Dick's daughter."

Marie thought about working with her Dick Van Dyke Show Co-stars of his Vulture interview and said they got along famous. "Work for five days with this group of people on The Dick Van Dyke Show It was one of the greatest things in my career, "she said." It is a cliché that everyone says, we were like a family, but it's true. We loved each other, we helped each other. Whenever we went to a place, everyone went together and stayed together. We were really very close. ""

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