Home Depot criticized the delivery of the sloppy device

A man says he bought more than $ 10,000 in products that ended up damaging.

If you are looking to upgrade your Appliances To soon, you will want to make sure you have a delivery to the square. Articles like new stoves, refrigerators and clothes machines can cost you hundreds of dollars, so you certainly do not want errors to be made. A customer now teaches the harsh: he calls a popular domiciliary renovation retailer After claiming to have bought more than $ 10,000 from new devices that have not been delivered correctly. Read the rest to find out why he is furious with Home Depot on the delivery of the sloppy device.

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Home Depot offers various delivery services.

August 10, 2019 San Francisco / CA / USA - Home Depot branded truck driving through San Francisco

If you are looking to have devices delivered directly to your place of residence, Home Depot has options for you. The basic level allows delivery carriers to provide "the article to the nearest dry area outside your home", according to the Retailer website . This may include areas such as your front door, your porch or the aisle in front of your garage.

The following level you can get is the Home Depot threshold service, which "includes delivery in the first available area of the house, such as entry, garage or courtyard."

But if you want to obtain an even higher -end delivery, the domiciliary renovation retailer offers a choice of choice (also known as the delivery of white gloves). Although the assembly service is not included in this, it includes "delivery to the room of your choice (in the two flights of the stairs), unpacking and removing packaging", by Home Depot website.

Unfortunately, a man claims that his premium delivery service was not so premium after all. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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The retailer is criticized for allegedly sloppy delivery.

Petrozavodsk, Russia - 6 June 2022. movers load a washing machine into a delivery truck

A man from the Massachusetts now calls Home Depot's delivery options after buying more than $ 10,000 in devices. Russell Sharp recently told WCVB Local AFC-Affiliate that he did not end up receiving the GLOVE White delivery service which was promised to him after having bought his products in the retailer store in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Sharp told WCVB that the devices have never arrived inside his house. Instead, a Home Depot delivery driver left his products on the lawn before Sharp.

"I have never heard of such an experience with a delivery of devices," Sharp told the media. "Who would order devices if they were just going to drop them into your yard?"

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Sharp says the devices are damaged.

Home Depot retail store, appliances department, Danvers Massachusetts USA, May 5, 2018

The devices were still seated in the middle of the Sharp bridge three weeks after their delivery. He told WCVB that they had started to grow mold because he had no way of bringing them alone, even if he had tried to make delivery efforts as transparent as possible for Home Depot.

"I just built this ramp so that it is just easy access to come and go directly to the house," said Sharp.

But it is not only mold training that is a problem. According to Sharp, two of the devices were also delivered with damage. He told WCVB that the washer and the dryer had been striped, while the freezer seemed to have been touched by something because it was bumpy and folded.

"I did not do anything to return my call ... Everyone makes the male pass to another manager who never followed me," said Sharp. "You are there four times different. How simple is it to send two people to move the range? Order me a new freezer? I do not understand how it is transformed in three weeks of nothing."

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Home Depot says there was a misunderstanding.

Tall Vissani brand refrigerators on display inside an appliance department of a Home Depot store.

The delivery service of the white gloves of Home Depot does not include the installation, which Sharp said that he knew and that he agreed. But he expected that the devices were delivered inside his house instead of the outside.

"My understanding was only household appliances in your home and takes the boxes with you. This simple," he said.

But for his part, Home Depot said that Sharp's order is not really eligible for home delivery. He bought Forno brand aircraft, which are sold on the retailer's website, not in his stores. Thus, even if Sharp bought and paid the products through a sales agent at Plymouth Home Depot, these devices are only available for shipping at the edge of the street.

A spokesperson for Home Depot told WCVB that the company disturbed Sharp's shipping options with him and that the retailer has come since. Home Depot also reorganized damaged units and told the media that it would also replace the molded beach.

"We are currently working with Mr. Sharp to replace damaged devices. We apologize for any bad communication concerning original deliveries," said a company spokesperson Better life in a report. "This is not the experience we want for any of our customers, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do it properly."

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