What your favorite color says about your personality, according to the therapists

Red is equal to passion, but it can also point out anger. Find out what your favorite color means.

It has probably been years (or even decades) since someone asked you what your favorite color is. But even if you no longer have a favorite pencil in the Crayola box, it is likely that you gravitate to Some shades Regarding your house decoration and clothes. It turns out that your favorite color in adulthood can be directly linked to your personality traits. Continue to read to hear therapists and color experts about this connection.

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Young Black Woman in All Blue

Blue is the most popular color in the world. Really- A 2015 study Directed by Yougov asked people in 10 countries on four continents what their favorite color was, and blue was number one in each place.

The universal appeal of this color is "most likely because of its association with the sky and water", explains Lisa Lawless , PHD, psychotherapist and CEO of Holistic wisdom . In this regard, blue evokes feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

And people who revolve towards these feelings are often resolvers of empathetic problems, honest, reliable and strong, says Michele Goldman , psychologist and Hope Foundation for Depression Research Media advisor.

Blue also points out that you are trustworthy. In fact, like lawless notes, Studies have shown What to wear blue does you seem more reliable to others. This is also why companies and banks tend to integrate this color.

The shadow of Blue One Favors, however, could add nuances to their type of personality. "Light Blues [are] connected to a relaxed and peaceful person," said Lawless. "Heaven blue tends to generate more free and optimistic associations, and turquoise is often associated with a unique character and individuality, while Cobalt blue transmits a vibrant and energetic personality."

A negative aspect of the personality of a blue lover is "that these people can be too thin, self -criticism and fighting feelings of insecurity", adds Goldman.


Waist up portrait of tattooed man wearing green shirt and glasses against vibrant green background
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Like blue, green is connected to nature. In this case, color is generally "associated with health and balance", explains Lawless.

"People who prefer green color tend to be productive, motivated ... very intelligent and perfectionist," said Goldman. She adds that their level level is often soothing for themselves and for others.

Of course, there are a lot of shades of this color. Earthly terrestrial green "tend to go hand in hand with people who are excellent mediators and who appreciate balance and stability", shares Lawless. Emerald Green is associated with confidence and ambition, while Mint Green is linked to kindness, optimism and sweetness.

But let's not forget that the expression "green with envy" came from somewhere. Goldman underlines that the working and analytical personalities of those who favor green can make them possessive, impatient and materialist.

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woman in purple
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It is the color of royalty and for a good reason. "Violet tends to be vibrant and powerful, a daring color with a daring personality," said Goldman.

For this reason, those who prefer purple are not afraid to be themselves and are often artistic, spiritual and imaginative.

"Dark violets are associated with sophistication, introspection and creativity," explains Lawless. "In comparison, lighter violets such as lavender and lilac are more associated with sensitivity, compassion and a harmonious presence."

But the highly emotional and fanciful nature of these people means that they feel deeply, "which can lead to a mood and feelings of being misunderstood", warns Goldman.


cheerful man in pink
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The law notes that rosé violets tend to attract romantics, but this is even more true for people whose favorite color is pink itself. "Rose is often associated with femininity, tenderness and compassion," she said. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"Clear roses are associated with a gentle, young and playful personality, while deeper pink roses suggest elegance and romance," said Lawless. "Vif pink suggests vibrance and energy and is often linked to adventurous people, while those attracted by the magenta are often creative, artistic and unconventional."

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older woman red dress new year's eve
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Bold, powerful, strong, passionate, extroverted - these are all adjectives used to describe people who love red.

"They are generally a force with which it is necessary to count and tends to be confident and ambitious," shares Lawless. "This is particularly true for those who love bright red."

And this lively nature can affect attractiveness. As Better life Previously, explained, separate studies have argued that the red port can make a person seem more attractive .

But Goldman underlines that all this recognition "can manifest itself in the aggression ... or the behaviors of research of attention".

At this stage, a 2014 study published in the Journal of Personality found that "there was a relationship between a preference for the color red and hostile social decision -making . ""

As for those who prefer rusty and earthy reds, they "tend to be more anchored and appreciate stability, tradition and a feeling of security", explains Lawless.


woman in orange

People generally love orange, and for those in the first group, you can expect them to be enthusiastic, engaging and social.

"Individuals with this color personality could be more likely to be adventurous and daring, daring with their choices, accessible and friendly towards others," explains Goldman.

However, she explains: "With adventure and spontaneity, he is unpredictable and inconsistency." Thus, you may notice that these people put their own needs before the others and make a judgment on those who are not as carefree.

Lawless adds that brighter oranges are connected to "dynamic and joyful confidence", while burned oranges correspond to "a land-to-terre and reliable person who enhances stability". If someone prefers coral shades, they are probably creative and artistic.


smiling young man on yellow wall
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"Yellow is a mentally stimulating color, and people who revolve towards [this] tend to be imaginative, social and enthusiastic," shares Lawless. It is, after all, the color of light and happiness.

"Those who love golden yolks tend to look more towards wisdom, intelligence and luxury, while pale yolks transmit a feeling of purity and peaceful behavior," adds Lawless.

And while Goldman agrees that yellow represents charisma, confidence and a sense of humor, "people who lean towards yellow personalities have trouble fighting anxiety and perfectary trends", she says . "They could also fight with the organization and lack discipline."

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