United Airlines "Forud" couple to give a first class seat to a crew member

The couple had paid their entire tickets and signed up.

What should have been a perfect end for a romantic getaway turned out to be a sad separation story for a couple who returns home on a United Airlines Flight from London to Chicago. Danielle Schwab, whose Tiktok profile is @ watergirl8296, published a series of videos describing how her fiancé was "forced" to go from her first class seat to a new headquarters in economical class to accommodate a crew member for companies air.

She detailed her disappointment with United Customer Service in her videos, which seems to show that little was done to compensate for the couple or put them at ease after the stressful test.

"We have reserved these Fair and Square seats," said Schwab in the first video , that she recorded while he was in his first class seat aboard the flight. She says that the couple got engaged during their trip, but that their newly committed happiness was interrupted when her fiancé was "given to the coach ... because they wanted a part of the crew S 'SIGATE instead in first class ".

Schwab recognized that Airline crew members "Work very hard", but his main problem, in addition to being separated from his partner, came from the fact that they had paid a product that they could not use or take advantage for the long-haul flight.

A second video With her fiancé, Mikey provided a longer explanation of what had happened.

"On-turn board agents are in turn pressed at the back of the plane, there are generally berths or seats that come out in a bed," she started. She continued by saying that there was perhaps a problem with "the seats not operating", so the airline "went forward and started four people out of class".

On -board officers often work unconventional hours depending on the flight schedules. The Federal Aviation Administration has created regulations to guarantee these employees receive adequate rest In order to perform their functions safely and alert. According to the FAA website, those with a "period of service scheduled for 14 hours or less ... must have at least nine consecutive hours of rest planned" once their quarter work and before the start of another.

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It can be delicate on a long-haul flight, like crew Often starts in recording and ends "at your stopover or at home at home", according to the association of agents. If an international flight lasts nine hours, the staff can be in service for three hours before takeoff, which is why the rest periods of the crew often occur during a flight.

Crew rotation hours allow it, but this often means that rest teams must be confined to Sleep capsules on board or specified areas of the plane. Some United Flights , According to the guy in the points, "are equipped with four seats of extra-recligative coach for on-board agents", who are in the cut for intimacy using a thick curtain.

Schwab acknowledged that on -board agents seemed to be sympathetic to its distress and that the passenger situation was not part of a normal procedure. It has received information according to which planes with similar problems are generally "put out of service if you do not have enough seats" for the flight crew, but that the passengers who sleep are also an unhappy option that the companies air can take.

"You can do it and expel people," said Schwab.

The couple would have received the support of a member of the staff of the Ground United Airlines, who met them once they landed but seemed to provide little help. Mikey said they had received an "glorified rapid pass" through the customs and immigration process line, but it looked less like an advantage because they had a four -hour stopover waiting for them from the other coast.

The couple said they tried to make someone help them receive fair compensation or additional answers to their questions, but they have been told online to "submit an online complaint". Their subsequent flight was not improved and the ground staff member left them at the airport shuttle after recovering their bags. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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"The guy was rushing to us all the time," added Mikey, alleging that the staff member "invented stuff" to give up overweight luggage costs despite their bags weighing less than weight limit.

The couple has not published an update since the test, but they mentioned that another passenger who was also hit "received compensation". However, the street obtained an answer of Representative of United Airlines on this subject:

"To provide the part required so that the crew members rest during the flight, we had to reallocate two customers who were at the origin of the polaris tickets to more seats. We understand that it is frustrating for our customers, and we have reimbursed the price difference for the seats and offered each customer a certificate of $ 1,500 for future trips. "

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