5 ways to attract bad luck, Feng Shui experts say

There is no longer to consider that the way you organize your house.

There is enough misfortune and sadness in the world that no one wants to attract additional bad luck. For some, it means take care of superstitions (Never walk on cracks, open umbrellas inside or look in broken mirrors). For others, this means preparing the difficulties of life so that bad fortune has trouble achieving you. But if you are really serious to avoid bad luck, you will also want to consider Feng Shui. Feng shui, or ancient art of creating a balance with the natural world, can help you evolve in positive energy and release negative energy. Here, Feng Shui experts tell us the things that many people have bad luck. Avoid them for better fortune.

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You leave the seat of the toilet.

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It may seem silly, but it can have a big impact! "Leaving the toilet open cover allows you to hunt money to go away," explains Suzanne Roynon , international interior therapy expert and Feng Shui consultant .

We did not want this bad fortune to anyone! And, hey, maybe this news will push some people into the household to close the lid.

You ignore maintenance needs.

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Calling a handyman is no one's idea of a good time, but ignoring problems can cause unluch.

"Neglecting maintenance and repairs in your home and having broken items, fuishing taps or defective devices can create a negative energy environment", explains Patricia Lohan , founder of Power House Feng Shui . "Take care of your home and quickly attack repairs demonstrates a responsible and proactive approach, which can attract positive energy and luck."

Not doing this could do the opposite, and your home problems could even worsen.

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You never blend.

This photograph is of a garage lined with shelves full of things stored at home including, tools, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and sporting equipment. The garage door is open.

Keeping the football at a distance is one of the easiest ways to maximize Feng Shui. Unfortunately, allowing it to flourish can cause bad luck.

"Positive energy, known as Chi, must be able to circulate in a home to maximize well-being and joy," explains Roynon.

"The congestion itself can also trigger bad luck," she adds. "For example, keeping the photos and memories of an ex-partner in the relationship area will repel a new healthy, stimulating and loving relationship; instead, you will have a bad luck in meetings and risk attracting partners toxic and disrespectful that treat you in the same way as you treat your home. "

By allowing good energy to circulate - without the congestion that disturbs it - you can Prevent bad energy drag and cause problems.

Your cleaning schedule is sporadic.

Person sanitizing table with disinfectant cleaner.
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Rare cleaning can rarely cause problems similar to that of never declining.

"Allowing the filth to accumulate in any part of a house invites you to come together and spread," explains Roynon.

"Spider canvases and dust are physical evidence of energetic stagnation," she explains. "If you check in which Feng Shui area in which they are located, you will probably see that things do not go well in this part of your life."

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You are obsessed with the red color.


Do not mistake us: the red color is associated with luck and prosperity at Feng Shui. However, using it excessively can create overwhelming and aggressive energy, explains Lohan. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"To solve this problem, use red with sparing and balance it with others soothing colors Like the blues and the Greens, "she advises." Opt for softer shades of red or incorporate it into smaller accents rather than dominate all the space. ""

This simple color change can have a major impact.

You collect cacti.


Feng Shui experts suggest skipping cacti and all other sharp, thorny or dead plants, as we think they transport a negative feng shui.

"The thorny nature of Cacti and the association with hard desert environments are considered to be not very conducive, because they can introduce an aggressive or disruptive energy in the surrounding space", explains Lohan.

"Feng Shui highlights the importance of sweetness, stimulating energy and balanced Yin and Yang elements, which cacti do not embody," she adds. Instead, Choose a plant with soft and rounded leaves.

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