6 signs that you pay more than you should be, the experts plan

Keep an eye on these indicators that you give too much money to the government.

Taxes can be a complicated process, even if you find the Best software For your needs or hire professional help. But the transmission of too much money when the time comes to pay is to add the insult to the injury. So how can you say that you pay the IRS more than you need?

"It is imperative to make sure you don't pay too much from the IRS," said TIM DOMAN ,, financial expert and CEO of Topmobilebanks. "It is your obligation to understand your tax rights and to use relevant credits and deductions."

Fortunately, a few things can be used as red flags that you send too much money. Read the rest for the panels you pay more than you should be, according to the experts.

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You do not benefit from specific financial planning tools.

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Preparing for success with taxes is not always limited to the way you Choose file . This may also involve taking appropriate measures when planning your finances and organizing your money.

"If you do not use tax funds for taxation such as 401 plans (K) and regular IRAs, you can pay the IRS too much," says Doman. "You can transfer money before tax on these accounts, by reducing your taxable income and, ultimately, your tax responsibility. Over time, the maximization of these accounts can cause significant tax savings."

You regularly get a big refund.

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Perhaps one of the only parts of the tax season that people look forward to is the prospect of a heavy reimbursement. Usually, this influx of money can help balance a budget or compensate for other expenses. However, experts say that it could also be a warning sign that you are overput too much.

"Believe it or not, a large tax refund is not necessarily a good thing," warns Varsha subramanian , A accountant with FLYFIN.TAX. "If you have obtained greater reimbursements than expected, it could be because your employer holds more taxes from your pay checks than it has. Federal income tax of your salary, and you Do not mainly give the IRS a loan each year that you recover when you put your taxes. "

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You do not take the appropriate deductions for your children.

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Starting a family is a serious investment in time and money. But if you do not take advantage of certain beneficial deductions after having children, you probably leave even more money on the table.

"Once your children go to the university, do not forget to claim educational credits such as the American opportunity (AOTC) tax credit and a lifelong learning credit (LLC)," Roxanne Hendrix ,, accountant And a tax expert with Justanswer, says Better life . "AOTC only covers the first four years of post -secondary education, while the LLC can apply until higher education - and even for qualification courses which do not lead to any kind of diploma or certificate . The biggest difference is, however, that the AOTC is partially refundable, while LLC is not reimbursable at all, you must therefore have a tax responsibility to take advantage of it. "

And there are also other options for young children. "If your children go to the daycare, be sure to obtain the supplier EIN to claim child care credit and dependent on your federal return," she recommends. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Your colleagues constantly have a lower tax invoice for you.

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Do you suspect stealthy that you pay too much? Comparison of your annual bill with others who are in the same employment line that you may be a quick indicator that something is not added.

"This could be due to the fact that your colleagues took advantage of each possible tax deduction for which they are eligible," explains Subramanian. "This includes the deductions that you may not even know, such as IRA's contributions, the deduction of independent work tax, HSA deductions [Health savings account], deductions of 'Interest of student loans, the expenses of the educator and probably dozens of others according to your situation. "

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You do not settle properly as a self -employed worker.


People who work for themselves tend to have more complicated financial situations than your average taxpayer. However, you could always send more money than necessary without the right configuration.

"If you are independent or the owner of a small business, you can pay too much the IRS if your corporate costs are not properly followed and deducted," warns Doman. "These costs may include office supplies, equipment, trips and advertising. You can reduce your taxable income and possibly your tax by deducting these costs."

This is particularly important if the work is booming. "Once a company of less than 100 shareholders achieves more than $ 80,000 in profits per year, it may be wise to choose an S company when filing your taxes," said HOOMAN RADFAR , CEO and co-founder of financial planning company Collective. "This is particularly true for solopreneurs. The S Corp allows a business owner to divide his income between pay and commercial benefits, which facilitates the charge of independent work tax and could mean thousands of people."

You don't pay in time.

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Whether you have trouble gathering your information or just can't understand how to organize everything, the annual tax date can sometimes sneak faster than you think. Unfortunately, missing can quickly become an expensive error.

"Do not deposit your taxes by the deadline may have important consequences," explains Jon Sanborn , investor and co-founder of SD house guys . "The late deposit means that you may need additional penalties and interests, so be sure to stay up to date with tax times."

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