The signs of the zodiac that will always make heads, according to astrologers

Do you still argue with a ram? Or do you get Snipipy with Scorpios?

There are people you click with it - And others that always seem to annoy you. The latter group can fundamentally see the world differently, or their opinions on the smallest things could send your eyes roll. Wondering why you tend to push the heads with some people? According to astrologers, it could have to do with the way their zodiac sign interacts with yours. Continue to read to find out who your zodiac enemy is and why you could never hear yourself.

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Aries: Capricorn

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Aries are the daring and confident leaders of the zodiac. These extroverts I love to make a show and I am not afraid to remind the world how great they are. And while some people like their fiery and fiery energy, others are disabled.

"Aries is known for their impulsive and dark nature, while Capricorn tends to be more conservative and cautious," explains Tiffany McGee ,, professional astrologer and founder of Nomadrs. "These differences in life approach can cause tensions between the two signs." In addition, Aries, a sign of fire and Capricorn, a sign of water, seated in incompatible elements, so the sparks are sure each time these two disagree.

Taurus: Aquarius

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The bull is the stubborn and firm problem of the zodiac. They will be quick to tell you that they will not change his mind , and they do not try to make friends or go out with anyone who thinks they need to fix.

Aquarius, on the other hand, constantly likes to challenge the status quo and push others to do the same. And since the bullfight and the Aquarius are fixed signs, they will be extremely attached to their own way of thinking, which makes almost impossible for these two to make compromises.

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Gemini: Scorpion

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Gemini are the rapidly spirit of the zodiac spirit. They like to have fun and meet new people , so if there is one thing that this sign cannot bear, it is someone who does not know how to lie down.

"The geminis are sociable and communicative, while the scorpions are more reserved and introspective. This can create misunderstandings and conflicts in their interactions," explains McGee. In addition to not compromising with the way they like to spend their time, these signs will make heads because of their inability to communicate effectively.

Cancer: Sagittarius

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Cancer is intuitive and Sentimental feeling zodiac. Known for their big heart and spirits, it is easy to see why so many people get along with them.

Sagittarius, however, is known for their sense of scandalous and wild humor. And although cancer can find certain sag jokes, it will not take long for their frank way of speaking to cancer in the wrong direction. Consequently, poor communication is the number one problem for these two signs - and it is unlikely that one or the other will be willing to say sorry first.

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Leo: fish

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The leos are known for their daring and confident nature. They tend to be natural leaders, and they are not afraid to speak their minds or take care of a situation. "Leos have a strong feeling of self -esteem and often want attention and recognition of others," said McGee.

Meanwhile, easy and reserved fish prefer to adopt a more subtle approach. Although these two can tolerate themselves at the start, it is only a matter of time before the fish feel talked about or Leo has the impression that the fun police are looking for them.

Virgin: Aries

In the office, displeased female CEO of Asian ethnicity, scolding her male mixed-race employee, over the job he didn't do it in the right way

The Virgin is the meticulous perfectionist zodiac. They have high standards in friendship and meetings, which means that they appreciate the consistency of the people with whom they choose to be close.

At the other end of the spectrum is a passionate and impulsive ram, who likes to live in the moment and can be a little dominant. Not only do these two have completely different communication styles, but they also address the resolution of opposite points of view problems. Thus, even if they appreciate the work and ambition of the other of the other, they cannot help but constantly hide the faults.

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Balance: Cancer

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Libras are the funny worlds of the zodiac. On the surface, their relaxed death and Charming personalities seems to be a perfect match for a romantic without hope like cancer. And even if it is true that these two have a lot of physical attraction towards each other, their communication is the place where things collapse. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Libra likes to play the peaceful and dance around problems, while cancer wants to shed their hearts and talk about it. Over time, this dynamic will overwhelm the balance and leave a feeling of ignored cancer, which is a resentment recipe.

Scorpion: Leo

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Scorpion is the most complex And the mysterious sign of the zodiac. You never know what they think or feel, and they like it this way.

Leo, however, likes to be the center of attention and leave a lasting impression to almost everyone they meet. This personality type conflict, as well as these two signs being a little proud and stubborn, is the reason why Scorpion and Leo are enemies more often than they are friends.

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Sagittarius: bull

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Sagittarians never just stay in the same place for too long. They have one adventurous spirit And likes to go where the wind leads them. This is why they do not support people who are authoritarian or push their opinions on others.

Not only does an obstinate sign like the bull must make their opinions known, but it is unlikely that they agree with a sagittarius on many. "Taurus values security and stability, while Sagittarius ... is looking for new experiences. This can lead to clashes on lifestyle choices and priorities," explains McGee.

Capricorn: Balance

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The dynamics between Balance and Capricorn is very interesting. These two signs have natural leadership qualities, but they have very different views of life, which makes it difficult to see themselves.

The main difference is that Libras are desperately careful about how the world sees them. Meanwhile, Capricorn does not leave the opinions of others the least. This causes a tension, with the scale when he saw Capricorn work executioner As too rigid and severe, and Capricorn considers the scale as a little pleasure.

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Aquarius: Virgin

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Aquarius is the zodiac rebellious . They always push the limits and like to shock with their radical ideas. They are attracted to people who have the same free spirit, which means that they cannot bear those who think too rigidly.

"Virgo is anchored and practical, while the Aquarius is eccentric and unconventional. This can lead to disagreements on lifestyle and values issues," said McGee. Thus, although these two signs have a strong attraction towards each other, it would take a miracle for the relationship to work.

Fish: Gemini

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The fish are Sensitive souls . They have a big heart that they are not afraid to carry on their sleeves. If someone is too critical of their ideas and feelings, the fish will not get along with them.

On the other hand, the Gemini have a playful and teasing nature which could ensure that the fish feel targeted. In addition to that, Gemini are likely to feel injured that fish consider them negative or a tyrant because they consider themselves a friend for everyone. Communication is the key to friendship, and unfortunately, this is where everything collapses for these two.

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