Dollar General and Five below make these major improvements according to buyers' comments

These retailers at reduced prices are determined to obtain customers in stores.

Consumers are still cautious these days. When inflation reached a record of summits last summer, Most buyers I started back on their unnecessary expenses. And while the retailers saw a little stay at the beginning of 2023, it was short -lived. Retail sales fell in February, so it seems that companies will have to do the work to bring customers to spend money in their stores this year. With major upgrades on the horizon, Dollar General and five below recently revealed that they were trying to do this exactly. Read the rest to find out which new changes arrive for these discount retailers according to buyers' comments.

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Dollar General has been criticized for the under-efficient stores.

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It may seem that buyers would be quick to switch to retailers at reduced prices at a time when saving money has become so important. But Dollar General recently faced its just part of consumer criticisms, which could have an impact on its ability to attract people. now viral tiktok Posted in detailed February the experience of a buyer to be locked in a general dollar store due to a lack of staff.

"The general dollar in which I am there is a person who works - a person. And she had to use the toilets," Kat Timberlake , publishing under the username @ mrstimberlake2011, explained in his video. Other people have struck in the comments section, slamming the retailer for Sub-efficient stores . "Our general dollar has only one employee, so each customer uses car so that they can get around the store," wrote a person. Another commented: "These companies should not get away with one who works."

But new upgrades can help alleviate this problem.


Dollar General seems probably heard customer complaints. The delivery company has just revealed that it was planning to invest a Additional $ 100 million in its stores, in particular with regard to staff, Wall Street's journal reported. Dollar General CEO Jeff Owen announced the bump for its expenditure budget for a profits call March 16. According to Owen, the recent sales numbers of the company fell below expectations - partly due to a "slight decrease in customer traffic" in its stores.

"This investment will mainly consist of additional working hours to support our expectations concerning coherent standards of stores while further improving associated and customer experience," he said. "In turn, we believe that this investment will position us to stimulate greater availability on the shelf and capture additional market share while amplifying the potential of our initiatives and ensuring our preparation for our growing customers."

Better life Contacted Dollar General for more information on these improvement plans, and we will update this story with their response.

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Five below also provide for its own improvements.

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Dollar General is not the only reduction chain with new modifications on the horizon. Five below is Plan to develop Its five beyond the concept in store in more places this year, Retail Dive reported. This initiative allows the retailer to offer high-end items that go beyond its price typical of $ 1 to 5. Five below the CEO Joel Anderson confirmed expansion efforts during a profit call March 15. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"Our goal is five beyond the whole world," said Anderson, announcing plans to convert 400 additional locations to the new format this year. "While we continue to open locations and extend five beyond conversions in 400 stores in 2023, we bring our brand to more and more people."

Better life contacted five below for more information on these expansion plans, and we will update this story with their response.

The company says customers spend more with the Five Beyond concept.

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Like the general dollar improvement plans, this upgrade also seems to be in accordance with what buyers want. After all, five below is a "goods company," said Anderson, adding that it makes them "passionate about supplying an incredible assortment of trend to the trend for our customers" at a cost at reduced prices . "We stay at the top of hot trends and we go quickly to capitalize on them."

The Five Beyond concept was introduced in March 2022, and the retailer converted nearly 250 stores in this format last year, according to Anderson. Thus, 20% of its fleet of stores includes the five beyond the selection, which turned out to be a successful upgrade for the company as a whole. "Customers who buy an article of five beyond, defined as $ 6 and more, continue to spend more than twice as much than those who buy only five below articles," said Anderson.

According to the CEO, these buyers' results have "illustrated how powerful these store drivers are and five beyond the products to maximize the productivity of our stores".

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