Jerry Mathers is now the last member of the "Leave to Beaver" distribution at 74

The actor first played Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver from 1957 to 1963.

The sitcom Leave it to the beaver has broadcast new episodes for six years from the late 1950s, but these 200 episodes continued to be revisited and loved by fans since. The show, which took place from 1957 to 1963, followed the Cleaver family, including Mom June ( Barbara Billingsley ), Dad Ward ( Hugh Beaumont ), older brother Wally ( Tony Dow ), And the younger brother Theodore, who was known, of course, like Beaver. Only today Jerry Mathers , who played Beaver, is still alive. Beaumont died in 1982, Billingsley in 2010 and Dow in 2022.

After playing on Leave it to the beaver Until his adolescence, Mathers went to school and then to a new career. But, it did not take long before going back to play - and returned to play Beaver once again. Read the rest to learn more about the life of the former star child at 74 years old.

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Mathers has entered other areas.

Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers in a promotional photo circa 1955
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

After obtaining his secondary school diploma, Mathers joined the California Air National Guard. It was at the time of the Vietnam War, and it led to a rumor that Mathers died in combat. This was not the case, because he later relied on an episode of Saturday Night Live . AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"I was a general assistant, so the furthest I went was Hawaii, which was really more fun than anything else," Mathers said Yahoo! In an interview in March 2023.

After his stay in the army, he started working in real estate. "I was very good in real estate," he told Yahoo! "People liked to have the Beaver as a real estate agent. I was a seller of a million dollars - but it was not very difficult in Los Angeles either, because the houses here are very expensive."

He returned to play.

Jerry Mathers on
Studios review

Following Leave it to the beaver , Mathers made some appearances in television shows, but he returned to act regularly in 1983 when he played in the TV movie Always the beaver . It launched the series in a row, The new leave it in Beaver , which took place from 1984 to 1989. This show followed an adult and Wally beaver, which now had their own children. Dow and Billingsley returned respectively as Wally and June.

Mathers continued to act after The new leave it in Beaver left. He appeared in pieces and was in episodes of Married to children ,, Murder diagnosis , And War at home . More recently, he was in the short film 2015 Lucky day and an episode of Dades daddy in the same year.

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He is married three times.

Jerry Mathers and Teresa Modnick at the Family Film Awards in 2019
Eugene Powers / Shutterstock

Mathers was married first to Diana Platt , then Rhonda gehring - with whom he welcomed three children, Noah, Mercedes and Gretchen . Since 2011, he has been married to Teresa Modnick .

In 2021, the couple shared with the seniors of Maine that their sisters are friends, who decided to configure them .

"We are married 10 years right now," said Modnick at the time. "We connected instantly, and we just have a really wonderful life. We have five grandchildren now under five - one, two, three, four and five - with the two girls of Jerry. We are really blessed . "

He would play Beaver again in the right circumstances.

Jerry Mathers at Th Hollywood Museum in 2021
Eugene Powers / Shotstock

In his recent interview with Yahoo!, Mathers shared that he was open to playing Beaver but as a grandfather this time.

"I would first like to read the script," he said. "But as long as he stayed with the same morality and the same things we have done in original shows, I would be very happy to do it. Many members of the distribution [of the series in a row] are still alive , so it's fun to go back and review all these people. "

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