CVS closes several locations, from today

The company has actively closed stores and continues to do so.

A CVS trip is a regular event for many Americans. THE retail pharmacy The chain has About 9,600 Stores at the national level, by scrapehero, which means that you probably know where your nearest location is, whether you go to it or not. In November 2021, however, CVS announced that it was implementing one " New retail strategy ", which included the closure of around 300 stores per year until 2024. CVS remains faithful to its word, so that your local place can be on the cup block this year. Read the rest to find out which CVS stores close , from now on.

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A CVS location closes today.

cvs pharmacy location

A CVS on South Monroe Street in Tallahassee, Florida , will see his last day today, March 16, Better life Previously reported.

"Maintaining access to pharmacy services in the communities we serve is an important factor that we consider when making store decisions," CVS said in a press release Democrat Tallahassee . "Other factors include the dynamics of the local market, population changes, the density of the stores in a community and ensure that there are other geographic access points to meet the needs of the community."

The company confirmed that there were 13 other CVS locations in Tallahassee, and that existing prescriptions will be transferred to the CVS to the 1300 Apalachee Parkway "to ensure that patients continue to have uninterrupted access to pharmacy care" Democrat Tallahassee reported.

However, Customers are sad To see the store on South Monroe Street, according to CBS-Affiliate WCTV.

"I liked to come here and it's a nice CV. Another room, Catherine Slusser , said to Democrat Tallahassee That the CVS was "a huge asset".

"This leaves us somehow in the rhythm here on the south side," she said.

Two other stores close in early April.

A closed sign hanging the the front door of a restaurant or store

Next month, more CVS locations leave, including a store at 4531 Troost Ave. Kansas City, Missouri , Fox 4 reported. The store will close its doors for good on April 3, and CVS has confirmed that all the prescriptions will be transferred to a nearby location.

A CVS spokesperson has provided a similar statement on the "many factors" who come into the decision to close a store, adding that current employees will be offered the possibility of continuing to work for CVS.

Two days after the closure of Kansas City, the CVS of 132nd St. and the 14th Ave. In the College Point de Queens district, New York, will also close.

In a declaration at Queens Chronicle , a CVS spokesman confirmed that the store would close for real On April 5, as was the situation in Tallahassee Kansas City, the spokesperson did not provide specific reasons for the closure, again citing a multifaceted decision-making process. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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Another store in Virginia will have left for good.

CVS pharmacy exterior

Later in April, residents of Fairfax City, Virginia also lose a CVS location. The store, which is located in the shopping center courthouse plaza, will see Last day in business On April 18, a spokesperson for the CVS told FFXNOW.

The spokesperson called for the decision to close "difficult", but said to the point of sale that the closure was in accordance with the new strategy announced in 2021. The same general declaration on "access to pharmacy services" and the decision -making processes has been provided. CVS employees at this place will also be offered "comparable roles" within the company, said the spokesperson.

There are nine other CVS locations in Fairfax where the company "will continue to provide the community with exceptional service," added the spokesperson.

A firm distribution center also.

cvs health logo
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CVS also closes its distribution center in Bessemer, Alabama , reported. The center plays a role in receiving deliveries, organization of stocks and the distribution of goods in retail stores, but it will no longer be in mid-May.

"After an in-depth examination of our distribution network, we made the decision difficult to close our Bessemer, Al Distribution Center," said a company spokesperson at "We plan to operate the installation until mid-April and are waiting to close in mid-May. We are committed to providing transition assistance to all colleagues affected, including the starting medium and the Applications for other roles within CVS health. "

Better life contacted CVS to comment on the closures, but has not yet heard.

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Other CVS stores are also closed.

red CVS shopping basket

These are not the only CVS stores to close, such as a location on Euclid Ave. Monks, iowa , has just closed on March 1, according to Kcci affiliated to CBS. A spokesperson again stressed "local market dynamics, population changes and the density of community stores" as contributory factors.

On February 27, CVS closed a store in the 4th and Massachusetts Ave., NW, in Washington, D.C., a company spokesperson previously confirmed to Better life .

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