"Danger!" The producer has a new position on "ban" players - and fans are affected

Michael Davies believes Jeopardy! is a sport and the best players should compete.

Since the end Alex Trebek started to host Danger! In 1984, there was a long -term rule according to which the players obtained a blow in Glory. After losing, that was all - no return to Danger! arrange. On rare occasions, the candidates were brought back due to errors at the end of the production, but generally, with regard to the unionized version of the program (and Excluding special tournaments ), this rule is not in charge.

In 2022, Danger! announced his first Second chance tournament , giving competitive players who have not won their first match game. Executive producer Michael Davies led the crusade to invite repeated players, most of which have lost because they had to compete title champions as Amy Schneider And Matt Amodio , Vulture reported. Now Davies wants to go a little further on things when it comes to prohibiting former players again. Read the rest to discover what he said about the eligibility rules - and why some fans are affected.

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The producers discussed the reunion tournament in high school on Inside Jeopardy!

mayim bialik and jeopardy contestants

During March 13 Episode of the Inside Jeopardy! Podcast, Davies - with another producer Sarah Foss and former champion Buzzy Cohen —Discus Danger! High school reunion tournament , who once again invited former secondary competitors.

March 9 Justin Bolsen , which also participated in the 2019 teenage tournament, was crowned winner of the reunion, which earned him a prize of $ 100,000 and a place in the 2023 champions tournament.

Davies said that Danger! Will continue to invite young players to participate in these reunion tournaments in high school and college, alternating every two years. Cohen sounded, comparing the reunion tournaments to The hunger Games , where the competitors invited to return "to fight again for their place" in the Champions Tournament.

In response, Davies said he "goes even further".

Davies assimilates the quiz show to a sport.

Danger! / Youtube

According to Davies, Danger! is a sport, and it remains determined at "players' development", especially at secondary and college levels. As such, he does not think that these players, or no player, should be prohibited to return to the show. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"I feel quite strongly, that people who have already played university and people who have played in a kind of tournaments for teenagers before, they play Danger! at a time in their lives when they have not yet reached their maximum potential as Danger! competitors, as Danger! players, "he said." We have deep conversations in the "inner sanctuary" of Danger! Right now, players' eligibility and if we must, frankly, have restrictions on eligibility. ""

The producer added that he wanted "the best players playing Danger! On the stage Alex Trebek "- and he does not care about anything else.

"To a certain extent, I don't care if you have played before, I don't care if you've already passed the test, I just want the best players on this scene," he said.

In the past, Davies explained that Danger! was considered only as a television game which was to consider eligibility and access. But because the producer sees Danger! As a sport, he thinks that similar rules should apply.

"I do not know that we prohibit anyone from trying to play in the United States Open Tennis or in the United States Open Golf-I want Danger! To be an open competition, and that everyone, everyone can come and play, "concluded Davies.

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Many fans have quickly said that the rules should remain the same.


Danger! The pure and hard is vocal with their opinions on the rules of play, and many were wary of potential changes.

In a Reddit article on the R / Jeopardy thread, the fans discussed Davies declarations And the impact of new rules could have.

"I think that the eligibility rules should be held as it is. This helps keep the flow and separate the former candidates from new," wrote a Redder. "There is a certain aura with regard to candidates who participated in tournaments and special programs. I want producers to speak of consolation prices or other additional events."

Another has said that it removes the mystery surrounding the game. "Some of the mystique of the show is the idea that anyone can continue and win," wrote the commentator. "The more game slots continue to reserve themselves for previous players, the more this mystique disappears."

Other viewers are open to the idea of eligibility of Davies.

James Holzhauer on
Danger! / Youtube

Some fans have said that eligibility rules should remain in place - with a few exceptions.

"I especially agree, but I had a younger classmate in danger in the early 2000s and that she cannot compete as an adult is a bit ridiculous," wrote a commentator. "I think those who have contributed as minors should be able to return once, after 10 years."

Another Redditor has echoed this, noting that adolescent and university candidates should be able to play again as adults. However, a spectator challenged the reality that the producers say They want the best competitors, it could end up becoming a popularity competition.

"It will not be a good competition to watch James [Holzhauer] Wipe the floor with the others, "wrote the Redditor.

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