Never buy these 8 things at Costco, warn the experts

Retail professionals advise to make these shopping errors when searching for offers.

For some costco fans, shopping in the warehouse chain can be a bit also tempting. In other words, tentacular aisles and impressive prices can encourage buyers to make impulsive purchase decisions. But sometimes what looks like Too good to be true In fact, that is why you should not give in to every desire for retail. Read the rest to discover what retail experts say you should never buy from Costco.

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Brand items when Kirkland is available

kirkland peanut butter pretzels at costco
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"Kirkland's signature items are just as good if not better than their brand counterparts," said Julie Ramhold , a consumption analyst with the Store comparison site, "in fact, I'm always sad that our costco has stopped transporting a propagation of Kirkland signing chocolate hazelnut because it was better than Nutella in my opinion."

Ramhold also underlines the rumors on which really Makes some Kirkland products. For example, you may have heard that their vodka is the same as gray goose, that Their coffee is made by Starbucks, or this grand name likes their olive oil . "And that can be true, but all I know is that when it gives me the choice, I always opt for the signature brand Kirkland on the name brand," added Ramhold.

Roast chickens

Costco rotisserie chicken display
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We know that it hurts for many pure and hard fans of Costco. After all, roasting chickens have dark and crisp skin and juicy meat and only cost $ 5. But according to Consumer Reports, There is a reason why they are so cheap .

At the beginning of 2021, the Mercy for Animals animal rights group published a video of a Costco chicken farm in Nebraska, which "showed swollen, injured and distorted chickens living in a crowded and dark warehouse", according to the consumer reports.

After a lot of public outcry, Mercy for Animals asked the company to sign the Best chicken commitment This establishes standards for animal welfare, sustainability and quality of food. But competitor bj's , with other companies like Burger King and Subway, Signed it, Costco refused.

And if that affects your decision, famous chief David Chang called him "the Worst roasted chicken , "reported Eat this, not that! "They are not good. They are not seasoned," he added on his podcast in January 2023.

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Medicine available without prescription

costco pharmacy
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Ask yourself if these over-the-counter medicines are really as good as they appear. "This pack of blisters of two huge bottles of fish oil or multivitamins is a lot, but before buying, think about the speed with which you will use them," advise smart shopping expert Trae Bodge . "If several people in your home take the same supplement, do it! But if it's just you, these pills could reach their date of use before being able to use them all."

And when you end up having to throw part of the bulk bottle in bulk, you haven't saved anything at the end. "If you have a large family, or even chronic pain, then keeping a bottle of bulk size like Tylenol can make sense," concluded Ramhold. "However, if you do not take it very often, then the chances are good that the drug probably expires before using everything. So you will have to throw it away, and you will not have much savings, if anything , long-term. " AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Sampled items

Tigard, Oregon - Oct 25, 2019 : Costco wholesale warehouse shopping aisle with food testing

Costco sampling opportunities are generally among the favorite reasons for customers to shop there. But beware of depositing these articles impulsively in your basket.

"You might like this tasty song in the tiny paper cup enough to launch a case in your cart, but don't do it before reading the box," said Bodge. "Prepared foods can often be rich in calories, fats and sodium, so make better known before buying."


woman shopping at a costco store
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Likewise, Bodge says it thinks twice before buying amounts in bulk of snacks. "When you walk in the alleys of Costco, these giant bins of cheese loops or Bretzels can be tempted!" she says. "These snacks are generally a good deal from a price point of view, especially if you have several people who eat them at home or if you plan a party, but if you are just you and your partner or roommate at home, they Can go out of date before you have the chance to finish the container or lead to over-even. "

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bananas in bulk costco
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"Unless you have a large family or you are a heavy user of items, a large part of the perishable items that you buy [at Costco] will only be found in the trash," advises Pam Danziger , market researcher and founder of Marketing Unit . "Who wants to dive into a six -month -old mayonnaise jar?"

As an alternative, Danziger personally buys these articles in Aldi , especially fruits and vegetables. "Aldi offers excellent quality at advantageous prices but in usable size quantities."

Baby supplies

man walking down an aisle at costco

Although costco prices on baby supplies can seem too beautiful to go, "buy too much baby supplies can be a mistake", explains Bodge. "Will your baby growing quickly adapt to this layer of diapers during the time it takes to reach the bottom of the box?" Or how about the formula? You have the impression of crossing it as water until it is time to introduce solid foods or your baby decides that they no longer like the brand of which you have bought a case. ""


books on display at costco
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Costco has a book section, but experts say that it is far from the ideal place to buy these items. "Costco usually has a small selection of books that cover a wide variety of genres, so it can be more difficult to find exactly what you are looking for," says Ramhold. "You better shop for dedicated bookstores like Barnes & Noble, or books to one million, or better still, to support small independent bookstores."

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