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retired woman acting silly and dancing
  1. At last!
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Good retirement!
  4. Take advantage!
  5. Good retirement!
  6. Congratulations!

retirement party for a co-worker
  1. We will miss you!
  2. Good retirement!
  3. I wish you a retirement filled with good health, happiness and many darling memories.
  4. Congratulations on your retirement, that you have many years of happiness to come.
  5. I wish you all the best to your retirement. I wish you much more adventures and moments of joy.
  6. Take advantage of your new chapter in life, retirement is the time to follow your dreams!
  7. We started here as colleagues and we leave as an older. I only wish you a happy retirement!
  8. I will miss your positive attitude around the office, but I am so happy for you. Thank you for everything!
  9. Your retirement marks the end of a successful career and the start of a new peaceful chapter. Take advantage!
  10. Thank you for always giving everything. Your dedication has helped the company in more ways that we cannot count. We wish you all the best in your future efforts.
  11. Whatever happens to you, that it brings you the same joy and development that you have brought us!

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Short retirement wishes

older receiving kind retirement wishes via email
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  1. Congratulations on your retirement!
  2. I wish you a very good retirement. Take advantage!
  3. I wish you a relaxing retirement and a peaceful future.
  4. Good retirement! It is now when the pleasure begins.
  5. I wish you all world peace from this day. Good retirement!
  6. A retired life is a good life. Take advantage!
  7. Take advantage of your retirement, all the best.
  8. I wish you a good retirement.
  9. All the best retired.
  10. Congratulations on your retirement.
  11. I wish you many happy retirement years.
  12. Good retirement, take advantage of the trip.
  13. Remember that retirement is a moment for new adventures.
  14. I wish you a wonderful retirement!
  15. Take advantage of your well -deserved rest and your retirement relaxation.
  16. Take advantage of your retirement and all the best for a happy and healthy future.
  17. Farewell tension, goodbye deadlines.
  18. Life has officially given you permission to relax. Good retirement!
  19. May all your dreams come true.
  20. Take advantage of your retirement and live a relaxing life.
  21. Good retirement! I hope you remember how to make your own coffee!
  22. Congratulations on your retirement. Now take advantage of well -deserved holidays.

Retirement messages for your boss

man sitting back in his office looking at his computer
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  1. Thank you for all your mentorship. I wish you a wonderful retirement!
  2. I wish you a very good retirement! You have always been a real professional, dedicated to the realization of excellence every day. You have inspired your team to do better, and I fully trust that you will bring this inheritance to your retirement.
  3. Congratulations on your retirement - your leadership and your advice will be greatly missed.
  4. I wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement, you only deserve the best.
  5. Thank you for all years of hard work and dedication, take advantage of your well -deserved retirement.
  6. It was an honor to work under your direction, all the best for a wonderful retirement.
  7. You have been an inspiration for all of us, have a happy and healthy retirement!
  8. I wish you all the best to your retirement. Know that you have left a lasting impact on the company and on all of us
  9. Congratulations for having taken this stage, that your retirement is filled with joy and adventure.
  10. Your dedication and your hard work have not gone unnoticed, take advantage of your retirement.
  11. We will miss you, but we are happy for you when you start this new chapter in your life.
  12. Thank you for your service and your leadership. Take advantage of your retirement - you have certainly won it.
  13. You have been a real inspiration and I hope that the next step in your life will bring you all the peace and the happiness you deserve.
  14. Good retirement! Know that I will be forever grateful to the support and leadership that you have offered over the years. We will miss you!
  15. Thank you for being a mentor, friend and one of the hardest workers I know. Take advantage of retirement!
  16. Before I start your retirement, I just wanted to say: there are big bosses, then there are great people. I'm so lucky that you are both.
  17. It's not easy to see you go, but I can rest easily knowing that you have fun so in front of you. Stay in touch and take advantage of your retirement!
  18. You are a fantastic boss, that's why we are all sad to see you go! At the same time, I couldn't be happier for you. Take advantage of the best retirement to offer.
  19. The whole team is grateful for all the hard work you have devoted to the company. We wish you a very good retirement, even if we will miss you a lot!
  20. Congratulations on your retirement, boss! Best wishes by launching yourself in this new trip.

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Retirement sayings for friends

two seniors cooking together and enjoying their retirement
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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Good retirement!

stack of coins going in a retirement jar
  1. Mark Twain
  2. George Bernard Shaw


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