Internet detectives debate if Google Earth has taken a photo of Bigfoot

Some are convinced that the satellites have seen the legendary elusive creature.

Google Earth can be a practical tool when Plan a long journey Or try to get your sense of orientation when you explore a new area. However, just like its counterpart at the street level, the satellite image database can also catch surprising or unexpected images when collecting data. As a rule, this includes unique natural training or mysteriously constructed artistic facilities. But now, a group of Internet detectives debated if Google Earth has managed to take a photo of Bigfoot from above. Read the rest to see why some people think they have finally found evidence of the elusive cryptide.

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A group of online investigators think that Google Earth may have taken a photo of Bigfoot.

A Google Earth satellite image of what appears to be a shadow of a large creature
Google Earth

Even if the debate on the Sasquatch existence has long been a source of fun, a recent snapshot taken far above the surface of the earth adds new energy to the discussion. In a thread published on January 17 at a subreddit dedicated to the creature , the investigators try to determine if Google Earth managed to take a photo of Bigfoot because it seems to make its way in the Wilderness of Colorado. The photo in question was taken with exact coordinates 38 ° 16'24 "N. 108 ° 08'32" in the western part of the state ,, Sacramento bee reports.

The image seems to have captured a familiar silhouette of the elusive creature walking through a clearing, which the investigators on the wire calculated almost seven and a half feet high. "Is it a bear? A puddle? A hiker without equipment?" User 33sushi published in the legend of the image. "Impossible to say with certainty but the darker areas of the subject align with the shadows of other objects nearby", also stressing that the form does not appear on the previous images taken from the area. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Some users plunge deeply to determine whether or not the image is proof of cryptide.

bigfoot sighting, celebrities not like us

The image led a group of detectives online to try to go to the bottom of what could have created the curious shape. Certain responses on the wire described the previous experiences in the zone shown in the photo, with the one that has been regularly camped there for 26 years saying that they I sometimes felt frightened . "There was a section on this loop hike which sometimes gave me the Willes in a vague and indefinable way, and at least another person I know said the same thing about this area," They write.

A user compared the cards published by Apple, Bing, Google and the US Geological Survey (USGS) to note that the area in question is A known marsh . Even if they admit that the form could be the beginnings of water collection, they speculate that "it could very well be a big animal like a bear or perhaps even Bigfoot. It is possible that a large animal has been captured because it would be easier to cross and a possible source of water. "

Others have adopted a more humorous approach to discuss the image. "If Google grabbed Bigfoot on the camera, they all the same scrambled their face," joked.

"Can you imagine how the other sasquatches are [explanatory]? They go to all these problems to avoid cameras and this idiot is caught on Google Earth. It will never reach the end of this," replied a other. Others simply appreciated the investigation opportunities that the image offered. "Thank you for publishing this, Bigfoot or not it's fun!" User Scooterdad wrote.

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Some users have pushed holes in the theory that it is proof of Bigfoot.

woman wearing glasses reading laptop closely

But even in the middle of the pleasure of good humor to investigate the image, other users have taken their work evidence seriously. "If you look at the neighboring trees, they seem to have distinct shadows," noted the Honestcartograph user21. "The object of concentration does not seem to have it at all, although it is the same size of the trees, which leads me to think that it is something flat on the ground."

However, it is only when some members of the group compared their results that they have reached a sweet consensus. "I found later photos (the shadows are different, the sun further south / lower) and it is a terrestrial anomaly," wrote the user Northwest_Radio. "Probably water. Perhaps the start of a lake. If this is the case, it must be named Lake Skookum", referring to a chinook jargon sentence often associated with Bigfoot.

This is not the first time that Google Earth has bought suspicious images.

A young man looking at his smartphone with a horrified look on his face.

Of course, it would not be the first time that Google's cameras have been collecting something strange or unusual. The popular tiktok account Googlemapsfun has raised more than 9.5 million followers by highlighting Some quirks Users have noticed over the years, including potential cryptids.

In a video published in March 2022, another presumed element of Bigfoot evidence was recovered by a traveling car Google Street View leading to a wooded area in Russia. However, commentators on video speculate that the image is probably a costume decoration or resident who knew that the Driveby was performing.

And in another image of Google Earth examined in the video, the account underlines what seems to be a snake skeleton It is "30 meters long" lying on a beach in France. But while the view can be shocking from its context, it is in fact a large aluminum sculpture known as the ocean snake placed near the mouth of the Loire river, The US Sun reports.

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