The 8 most beautiful dog breeds, according to experts

These beautiful breeds have "Best in Show" written on them.

Basically, most people know that there is something particularly adorable in each dog. Sometimes it's theirDUMPE and friendly behavior. For others, this is howPOOFY their coats can get. And some dogs can even make us love them even more just by beingkinda funny. However, it is undeniable that certain types of dogs have the kind of royal and majestic look that distinguishes them. Read the rest to discover the eight most beautiful dog breeds, according to experts.

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Funny Young Happy Smiling White Samoyed Dog Or Bjelkier, Sammy Sit Outdoor In Green Spring Meadow With Yellow Flowers. Playful Pet Outdoors.

While certain dog breeds can be noted for their athletic construction or their unique physical features, others are rented for their luxurious fur.

"Samoyeds has a thick and luxurious coat which makes it one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs,"Daniel Caughill, a canine expert and co-founder ofThe story of dogs, recountBetter life. "They were raised as sled dogs in some of the coldest parts of the planets, which means that they are workers, energetic and love to play in the snow."


Saluki dog

Certain types of dogs have been idolized for their appearance during millennia. This includes a breed that attracted its way to become the companion of some of the most legendary leaders in history.

"The beauty of the Saluki has been a wonderful thing for thousands of years," saidTravis Brorsen, aAnimal animal expert for animal planet, Famous dog trainee, animator ofMy big youthful cure for petsand judge on the Discovery Plus seriesDog games. "He is a member of the Hound group and is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This souGINING was a favorite of kings, ancient pharaohs and even Alexandre le Grand."AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

But beyond their appearance, Salukis managed to remain impressive according to current standards. "They have agile bodies that make them excellent to sprint," says Cauughill. "The Salukis are affectionate and loyal and are perfect for families."

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German shepherd


As one of the best known most famous dog species, the German Shepherd hardly needs an introduction. Its sharp characteristics and its imposing stature made it practically synonymous with strength and safety. And according to experts, it is not only their appearance that stands out.

"Made famous in the United States by the Hollywood dog, Rin Tin Tin, this stoic beauty is known for its research and rescue rescue capacities, bombs detection and work of assistance dogs," explains Brorsen.

"Loyalty, courage and confidence are just some of the attributes of the German Shepherd," he adds. "Although they are very versatile in their capacities, they can become very protective towards their loved ones - sometimes to a fault."

Standard poodle


As the old adage says, beauty is in the eye of the spectator. But according to experts, beauty can also be in the eye of the one who holds hair mowers in the grooming salon.

"Although it may not be everyone's tea cup, the standard poodle is the fancy dog ​​par excellence and is a well-known breed for its beautiful and extremely varied grooming styles," saidGeorgina Ushi Phillips, DVM,Advise the veterinarian and the writer for

"In fact, there are dozens and dozens of styles just for the standard poodle ranging from the classic lion cut to the much more sophisticated and everything else," she adds.

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Irish Setter

red dog Irish setter in summer, lying in the Park on the grass - Image

Different layers of breeds can run the whole range of frizzie and fluffy to practically nonexistent. But the elegant construction of a dog and luxuriously long wicks made it a lasting favorite on the dog exhibition circuit.

"The Irish sector is often called" Rousse Exuberant "," explains Brorsen. "They are well known to be great with families, especially small children. Do not forget that they require patience during training and have a soft behavior, so positive strengthening is a must."


Beautiful Rottweiler family dog sitting in front yard

Like the German Shepherd, Rottweilers are often considered as symbols of strength and protection, especially when used in this work line. But experts say that this brute force can facilitate the opinion of the subtle beauty of powerful dogs.

"While many other breeds are known for their long lines and their elegance like the Saluki, the Rottweiler is magnificent in a different way with strong members and a square but always beautiful setting," explains Phillips. "The rottie does not have as much color variations as some other breeds, but their classic black and brown pattern is always beautiful with its simplicity."

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two weimaraner dogs standing by a lake, top dog breeds

Weimaraners are a unique breed for their natural and catchy coloring which almost makes them appear as steam. Combined with their light eyes, their appearance is distinguished as one of the most appreciated among experts.

"Known as" Gray Ghost ", the Weimaraner was kept secret by the German aristocracy until his arrival in the United States in the 1920s," said Brorsen. "President Eisenhower, Movie starGrace Kellyand artistWilliam Wegman were all beloved owners of this intelligent and energetic puppy. ""


A papillon dog lying in the grass
Istock / Kisa_markeza

Not all puppies must be large or imposing to be considered royal and luxurious. A fun size breed is renowned for its appearance and pugnacious attitude.

"Le Papillon - Frag for" Butterfly " - is a member of the toy group," explains BRORSEN. "But don't let long hair go wrong: this coating puppy requires minimal grooming, is one of the most races intelligent and one of the most competitive canines of agility tests. "

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