If you have this popular television provider, prepare to lose access to Fox channels on Friday

A contractual dispute could send them air by the end of the week.

Although television can still provide us with the addictive scripted series, the live news and the guilty pleasure reality TV shows that we all want, the last decade has transformed the way we access our favorite program. On the one hand, the constantly evolving landscape of traditional cable and streaming suppliers has undoubtedly facilitatedSave some money By paying only the type of content that interests you. But the bursting of services also made it more difficult to stay in addition to keeping your favorite emissions and channels, especially since new options appear and the programming of mixtures from one place to another. And now, customers of a popular television provider could be about to lose access to Fox channels by the end of the week. Read the rest to see if you are about to be cut off from some of your essential programs.

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Contractual disputes between television providers and networks are not new.

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For viewers, obtaining the television programming you want is as simple as turning on your game and, hopefully, finding what you are looking for as soon as possible. But inside, television works as a complicated arrangement between the studio and the networks that produce the content you want and the large cable, the satellite and now the streaming suppliers that carry them. And although the agreements between the two parties generally continue unnoticed by the average spectator, hiccups occur which can leave them in the dark.

Contractual disputes between carriers and networks have led to many channels of channels in recent years while the traditional distribution landscape continues to change. One of the last examples concerns the popular supplier Verizon, who told his FIOS TV customers that he wasin difficulty in negotiations With Nexstar Media Group in October. The dispute has passed 15 different channels - including local stations of CBS, ABC, C.W., NBC and Fox - out of twelve main metropolitan markets across the United States before both partiesComing to an agreement at the end of the month,The providence newspaper reports.

Fox himself recently found himself involved in a carrier enigma. Last month, the Altice television provider warned hisOptimal cable service customers that it would lower all the chains of the network due to the demand for Fox for an increase in costs before companies reached a last minute agreement. But now the popular network is found on outings with another business.

A popular television provider could lose access to the Fox channels by the end of the week.

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On November 27, Fox began to warn Directv customers via a scribble on his channels that they were likely to lose their "favorite Fox programming" due to aDispute of contract in progress With the television provider, according toThe Hollywood Reporter. Viewers will lose access when the current contract will expire at midnight on December 2.

This decision would affect all Directv customers, which is currently boasting more than13 million subscribers, Deadline reports. This also includes Directv Stream and U-Verse subscriptions.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"Fox remains determined to reach a fair agreement with Directv for the continuous distribution of our networks", the companysaid in a press release Released on November 27. "Despite our best efforts for months, we regret that Directv continues to require unprecedented special treatment which represents a change of large in our long -standing relationship and is out of step with the terms of the market."

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The chain's power failure would affect part of the popular network program.


Subscribers could soon lose access to some of the most sought -after content on the network if the negotiations are not progressing. Directv customers will lose the popular FOX channels FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, Fox Deportes and Pay-Per-View Fox Soccer Plus, as well as all local affiliates in Renard, reports Deadline.

The potential movement is a blow for sports fans in particular, as it willDeprive customers Access to FIFA World Cup tournament matches, Big Ten university football championship matches and NFL coverage on the network,United States today reports. However, the carrier said that all breakdowns would not affect the Fox News chain broadcast nationally or Fox Business Network.

Directv says that he is still negotiating with Fox to avoid any interruption of service.

DirecTV corporate headquarters building. DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster.

For the moment, Fox directs its customers to its dedicated "Keep Fox" website, which encourages subscribers to contact Directv and exhort the company to accept an agreement and save the chains of a breakdown. But the carrier says that he is firm in the negotiations.

"At this stage, any interruption in Fox programming depends only on Fox alone", "Nick Ammazzalorso, said a direct spokesperson in a statement published inUnited States today. "Directv does not intend to delete Fox content. The best way for everyone to" keep the fox "is that Fox continues to make it available themselves."

"Unfortunately, the same former tactical programmer of tactics for fear of putting customers in the midst of contractual renewals tends to die hard," continued the press release. "Fox invented this tactic at the turn of the century, and has a long and long history of aggravating consumers to help increase their guaranteed rates, while most renewals are generally resolved without any interruption. Last month, Fox alerted Altice USA customers, to settle without withdrawing signals, while the same thing is true for other recent Renard renewals with Roku and the National Cable TV cooperative, among others. "

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