4 tips for carrying a jacket over 60 years old, according to stylists

Avoid being swallowed by your puffy jacket with these expert tips.

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There is no escaped winter (unless you live in the tropics), butA super coat Can be released from the house on the coldest days less than a chore. The bottom jackets have long been a must for the wardrobe to stay warm, but these swollen pieces can also be elegant. Cradu or oversized, long or short, colorful or neutral - there is a coat for everyone, including those of us a certain age. Read the rest to see what fashion and style experts say about the port of jackets if you are over 60 years old.

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Choose a silhouette with a certain shape.

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All this puff will keep you warm, but the addition of bulk may not be the look you are looking for. Instead, buy high quality vests that are more elegant - theseUse Thinslat, for example.

"Look for those who have a type of formatting that could include a belt or have thinner quilted panels", advisesstyle blogger Jodi Filogomo. "There are coats where the panels are on a diagonal which also helps them to appear more elegant."

And since the point of a downward jacket is to cover under your hips, be aware of the way the length affects the silhouette.

"Many long coats are also oversized, which creates a look similar to a balloon that is not flattering," notesMelissa Fiorentino, stylist and forecastist of trends toCake style. "To keep the sophisticated and high-end outfit, get a jacket that adjusts and ends in mid-time." Many of these longer jackets will also come with an integrated belt.

Flatter your silhouette.

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The best shape for your at the bottom jacket can also depend on your silhouette, so think of your size and your body type.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"If you are in the form of a pear, for example, look for a puffy / down jacket with a waist belted to tighten in the middle and create a more hourly silhouette", suggestsLuke Lee, designer and CEO ofPalaleather fashion brand. "If you are in the shape of a apple, opt for a puffy / down jacket with a little structure - something that will hold its shape and will not add bulk around your median section."

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Do not stay stuck on a black jacket.

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If a black or neutral jacket makes you feel the most confident, go ahead! "Black, navy blue or camel will do a better job to resist the time test and correspond to the rest of your wardrobe," notes Fiorentino. "This does not mean that your outfit must be boring; you can style the coat with a scarf, a hat or colored gloves." But don't feel like youhave To take this road.

Liis Hainla, founder of vegan fashion and beautyVegan avenue, is partial in jewelry tones such as sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald for women over 60 years of age. "These colors are particularly beautiful on those who have decided not to dye their gray." But Hainla's favorite shade is Cobalt blue, especially when it is "associated with an oversized scarf in neutral tones".

If you really want to spice things up, Lee suggests an "unexpected but always elegant" impression, like a leopard pattern. He also says to pay attention to the small embellishments. "Find a puffy jacket with interesting details such as zipper pockets, a hood or even sleeves garnished with fur. These additional details will take your dull outfit to Fab in no time."

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Do not forget to accessorize.

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Do not ignore the accessories that you will have to keep warm. Gloves, scarves and hats make superb fashion statements, so do not hesitate to stack them. Some of the Filogomo suggestions to accessorize a down jacket include the draping of an extra-large scarf on the coat, the addition of a clean belt or wear a vest on the top.

Overall, a Down jacket is a timeless classic that can adapt to any age and style. "Fashion consists in showing who you really are through the clothes you wear and find ways to adjust different clothes to your style, and not on the other hand," explains Hainla.

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