These 7 tourist attractions are abandoned, some are haunted!

At present there are many tourist attractions that are closed permanent and abandoned. What do you think there are tourist attractions?

Tourist attractions are one of the very good destinations for eliminating fatigue. Especially if you travel with your beloved family, for surememorablevery! But now a lot of tourist attractions are permanent and abandoned due to various factors, such as bankruptcy due to pandemic, transfer, and others.

The lid of these tourist attractions certainly makes the fans disappointed because they can not enjoy it anymore. Do you think that tourist attractions are closed and abandoned? Directscrollbelow!

1. Depok Fantasi Waterpark

In the first list there is the first water tourist spot in Depok, Depok Fantasi Waterpark or Aladin Waterpark. The tourist spot has been established since 2008 and looks crowded with visitors. Especially at the beginning of the opening, Depok residents were very happy because the location was the first water tourist spot in the city.

But when Pandemi Covid-19 attacked, suddenly Depok Fantasi Waterpark was empty of visitors. This condition makes this water tourist attraction permanent and switch to a residential area. One of the street vendors near Waterpark, Rahmat explained, "If you start closing since Pandemi (Covid-19), yes about the last two or two years."

"Because, at the time of Pandemi, visitors began to rarely come here, from those who were busy suddenly they were quiet. So, maybe that reason is Aladin Waterpark is closed, "Rahmat said. One of the owners of a grocery shop near Depok Fantasi Waterpark also said, "Yes, the closure is due to the impact of the Corona virus."

2. Swimming Pool Tjihampelas Bandung

The next abandoned tourist spot is the Tjihampelas Bandung swimming pool. This water tourist attraction is the first swimming pool in Indonesia from the Dutch heritage. Initially, this water tourist attraction was in the form of a fish pond, then overhauled into a swimming pool for Dutch citizens and opened in 1917.

Since it was first opened, the swimming pool can only be visited specifically for Dutch invaders, while Indonesian citizens are prohibited from entering. But after the negotiation process, finally the location may be entered by Indonesian citizens.

Interestingly, the swimming pool has scored professional athletes who are able to compete to the national and international levels. Some of the names of famous alumni athletes are Pet Stam from the Netherlands and Susanti Wangsawiguna and Wijaya Aulia from Indonesia. Even some swimming clubs were also born from this swimming pool, namely Bandoengse Zwembond, Osvia, Mulo, Kweekschool and Aquarius.

But unfortunately, in the late 1950s the Tjihamplas Pool Pool Bandung was abandoned due to unclear causes. Some say that the management team has gone bankrupt, change management, and others. Whereas at the end of 2010, this location finally began to be treated but switched to a hotel on Jalan Cihampelas back, number 10.

3. Swimming Pool Kampung Toga Sumedang

On the third list there is a swimming pool of Kampung Toga Sumedang. This swimming pool was established since around 2014. This swimming pool has become very crowded because the natural atmosphere is combined with refreshing water tourism. But unfortunately, around 2020 this water tourist attraction is permanent due to bankruptcy as a result of Pandemi Covid-19.

The confession was conveyed by a former Swimming Pool employee in Toga Sumedang Kampung Alim. He explained, "Indeed, when it was still opened to the public, this swimming pool was always crowded with visitors. Time in the heyday is always many who come because the facilities are complete including swimming pools. But now, his condition is no longer active, maybe because of Pandemic. "

Alim also explained that since it was closed, the Kampung Toga swimming pool became haunted and often appeared because while still active, the water tourist attractions claimed 3 fatalities who died in the swimming pool area and outside the pool. He said that the negative aura at the location was very large.

4. Snowbay Waterpark Jakarta

Have you ever traveled to Snowbay Waterpark Jakarta at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah? If ever, surely you know the iconic whale statue and a very exciting slide. Snowbay Waterpark was founded around 2008. Initially, this tourist spot was opened for snow concept adventure recreation, but subsequently turned into a water tourism.

But it seems that 2020 is a year of death for water tourist attractions such as Depok Fantasi Waterpark, Kampung Toga swimming pool, and also Snowbay Waterpark Jakarta. Not only that, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is also affected but can still survive and revitalize. However, Snowbay Waterpark transferred to a parking lot.

5. Kampung Gajah Wonderland Bandung

Furthermore, there is Kampung Gajah Wonderland located in Bandung. This tourist spot is synonymous with a large and iconic elephant statue with a refreshing surrounding view. This water tourist spot is very broad, around 60 hectares and was established around 2010.

But unfortunately, Gajah Wonderland Bandung Village went bankrupt in 2018 and closed permanent. The company that houses this tourist spot is bankrupt because the ticket price is too expensive and operational constraints. At present, the condition of the Gajah Wonderland village is abandoned and filled with wild, dirty, and dark weeds.

6. Carnival Park Surabaya

On the last list there is Carnival Park Surabaya or better known as Suroboyo Carnival Park. When it first opened in 2014, this tourist spot was crowded with visitors because it was filled with attractive and exciting rides. But a few years before permanent closing, many visitors complained that only a few rides were operating.

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that Suroboyo Carnival Park is no longer managed by the Culture and Tourism Office, but the private sector. Finally, Pandemi Covid-19 forced this tourist spot to close permanent because visitors continue to decline. At present, this tourist spot is almost collapsed, the remaining building that reads Suroboyo Carnival Park and one Ferris wheel.

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