Jo-Ann Fabrics closes the stores, from January 22

Artisans will want to check if their store is assigned.

Jo-Ann Fabrics, now officially known as Joann, is aCrafter's paradise. The popular retail chain is wearing everything, sewing models and pearls over and over, making it a one -shop shopping destination each time you start a new project. But if you regularly count on your local store for supplies, you may be dismayed to learn that Joann will soon close certain locations. Read more to find out which stores will stop, from January 22.

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Different artistic and craft stores have closed in recent months.

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Joann is not the only place of dropping out of the cunning chain, as a beloved retailer of TexasASEL ART Supply recently announced on Facebook that it isgoing bankrupt And close all stores by December 31. The bright side? Customers can save during an current fence sale in the six brick and mortar stores before having left for good, prices are currently reduced50 percent.

Even merchants without physical stores have encountered difficulties, such as, aonline retailer, posted an alert that they "will no longer sell products". The warning was published on the store's website, confirming that the fabric retailerOfficially stop On October 20, after being in business for almost 30 years. According to the Associated Press (AP), the decision came from Amazon - which acquired in 2008 - in order tolower the costs.

Fortunately, Joann is still in business, even if some stores are on blocking.

Virginie-Western customers will lose a location.

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A Joann store in Bridgeport, in Virginia-Western, will see itslast day On January 22, 2023, the WDTV reported in CBS reported. The store is located in the Meadowbrook shopping center, which is currently being renovated to make room for a new tenant, according to an article on November 15 published by theCAFARO company, the owner of the shopping center.

A total of 11 units are demolished in the shopping center, and they "are dispersed from one end to the other", director of community development of BridgeportAndrea Kerr said. This included the Joann store "which will soon be linked", which has been active at the Meadowbrook Mall for over 30 years.

The retailer has a sale leading to closure.

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According to WDTV, Joann officials confirmed that a fence will start on November 27, before the January closure. When the Bridgeport store has disappeared, the locations closest to Joann will be in Parkersburg, Virginia-Western and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which are both over an hour.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

According to Kerr, other Meadowbrook retailers have decided to move to other shopping center regions, including a Marshalls location and a comic book bookstore, but Joann is a company that has decided to close instead. "Although there have been changes and some stores have closed, other stores have decided to stay open and move to different parts of the shopping center and that says a lot about the future of the shopping center," said declared Kerr.

The new Meadowbrook retailer has not yet been confirmed, but Cafaro plans to make an official announcement in January, according to the company's website.

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Another store on the coast is also firm its doors.

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The closure of January 22 is also a Joann store inKeene, New Hampshire,,The Keene Sentinelreported. The store is located in the West Street shopping center, with a liquidation sale that begins the same day as the site of Bridgeport.

An employee confirmed the closing date toThe Keene Sentinel, adding that the retailer's lease expires at the end of January. The employee asked not to be appointed because they did not want to "compromise their jobs before the store closed," reported the point of sale.

The stores of the stores were informed of the closure six weeks ago, but did not receive any reason, according to the employee. "It was difficult; it was a shock and a disappointment," they said. "I want them to move us instead of closing."

The closest place to Joann is a bit by car, but another craft store arrives in town.

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Current employees have had the possibility of transferring Joann stores, but this would potentially involve a journey or a move. Like the situation in Virginia-Western, the stores closest to Keene are not necessarily nearby.

"It is difficult for most of us because we are from Keene and the nearest Jo-Ann is at least one hour," said the employeeThe Keene Sentinel. The point of sale notes that the locations closest to the state of the New Hampshire are in Nashua and Concord, but the nearest Joann store, in general, is to be Massachusetts.

Craftsmen will not be completely without luck these, asTheKeene Sentinel In addition, a hobby lobby should open its doors at the West Street shopping center. An official date has not been confirmed, but the store signaling is in place and the store is being renovated.

The opening of Joann's closure and lobby was not officially linked, butThe Keene SentinelAttracted attention to the hobby lobby lease, which isavailable online Through the County of Cheshire. The document stipulates that "no part of the shopping center, with the exception of the rented premises, will be used for the sale of art supplies, craft supplies, fabrics, photo frames, framed art, d 'Wall and wall decoration. " However, stores are able to sell supplies, as long as they meet certain demands for sales and square feet.

Better lifeContacted Joann to comment on the closures and will update this story when hear.

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