Whole Foods will no longer let buyers buy it in one of its stores

The grocery chain puts an end to the sale of a popular product.

Whole Foods has become the essential destination for healthgrocery over the years. With a wide assortment of organic and fully natural products, many buyers are ready to pay more money in this high -end grocer instead of going at lower prices at Walmart or Kroger. But some of these customers could be dismayed during their next trip to Whole Foods, because the popular grocer will no longer allow them to buy something in stores. Read the rest to find out which article Whole Foods eliminates the shelves in all places.

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Whole Foods had to eliminate store products in the past.

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Whole Foods is known for its consistency, but the grocery chain has already drawn different products from stores, mainly as a result of reminders.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

In April, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA)announced a voluntary reminder On the Whole Foods Dal market market for potentialListeria contamination. Then in August, the agency also revealed that the grocer's organic César vinaigrette had beenfrom stores In 26 states due to unconceived allergens.

And in September, Whole Foodswas among More than a dozen renowned grocery channels faced with a large cheese recall. According to the FDA, 20 different brands of cheeses in Brie and Camembert had to be removed from Whole Foods stores nationally after at least six people developed listeriosis, a serious infection caused byListeria contamination.

Now Whole Foods draws another product from her stores - and this time, it's not because of a reminder.

The grocer no longer allows buyers to buy something else.

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Whole Foods announced on November 21 that heWill stop selling Maine lobster in all its stores across the country, thePortland Press Herald reported. (There is roughly500 Whole Foods locations In the United States) according to the newspaper based in Maine, this decision comes after the Gulf of Maine Fishery recently lost two certifications for environmental sustainability.

On November 16, the Watchdog Watchdog Marine Intendance Council (MSC), based in Londonannounced that he was suspending The certification of the sustainability of fishing due to its violations against laws protecting straight whales, according to thePortland Press Herald. This suspension will come into force on December 15.

Before that, fishing from the Gulf of Maine was added to a "red list" of seafood to avoid in September. Seafood Watch, the sustainable seafood defense group of the Monterey Bay aquarium, said that the lobster of the stateis harvested which are likely to harm the fauna - in particular the right whale of the North Atlantic.

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Whole Foods said this lobster could return to stores in the future.

Fresh live lobsters and crab, seafood on ice for sale in fishmongers

It is not necessarily a permanent deletion. Whole Foods said he would continue to sell the Maine lobster bought before the suspension or the red list, thePortland Press Heraldreported. But once everything is exhausted, there will be no more in stores unless certain factors change.

According to the newspaper, Whole Foods said that he would stop buying lobster in the Gulf of Maine until the MSC suspension is lifted or until the seafood watch changes its fishing rating From red to green or yellow.

"As part of our commitment to responsible supply, we only sell wild fishing seafood from fisheries certified by the Stewardship Council (MSC) navy or evaluated either` `green 'or` `yellow' '' By the MBA Seafood Watch program ", a whole spokesperson for the food market said in a press releasePortland Press Herald. ""These verifications and third -party notes are essential to maintain the integrity of our standards for all seafood caught by nature found in our seafood department ... We closely monitor this situation and we are committed to working with Suppliers, peaches and advocacy groups in terms of advocacy towards the environment as it because it develops. ""

Some people express themselves against the decision.

Maine lobsters being sorted into bins to be sold while still on the lobster fishing boat.

The whales to the right of the North Atlantic have been in danger critically for some time now, and in October 2022,The Washington Post have reported that scientists believe that there is only roughly340 of these whales still alive. One of the main causes of injury and death for this species is the entanglement of fishing equipment, which prompted the new regulations that the fishing of the Gulf of Maine has been accused of raping to be put in place earlier this year.

For their part, Maine Lobstermen challenged these new rules. According toPortland Press Herald , Lobsterman argued that they do not see straight whales in the Gulf of Maine. At the same time, no deaths of right whale was linked to lobster fishing of the state, and the last tangle reported was in 2004.

"MSC certification has been suspended due to faults with the regulatory plan of the National Marine Fisheries Service, so there is nothing that the fishermen themselves can do to rectify the problem", " Marianne Lacroix , Executive Director of Maine Lobster Collaborative Marketing said to the newspaper, adding that she was disappointed by Whole Foods' decision to no longer wear the Maine lobster.

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