Marilyn Monroe Auction holds hidden treasures, including proof of a family secret

A written map of the biological father of Monroe is to be won.

Fans and collectors hoping to have a piece ofMarilyn Monroe The story will be interested in the last sale of personal items that formerly belonged to the star. In December, Julien's auctions will hold a live auction of dresses, makeup, books and more, with prices on certain items that should reach $ 80,000.

But, among clothing and beauty products, there is an element that has a special connection with Monroe's life before being a Hollywood star. The auction will include a map of the biological father of Monroe. This article stands out in particular because there was recently a new development in the previously disputed identity of the father at the end of the icon. Read on to find out more.

Read this then:Marilyn Monroe Doc has "irrefutable evidence" of this secret, says the director.

Monroe did not grow up with her father.

Marilyn Monroe photographed at age 5 circa 1931
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortensen to her mother,Gladys Pearl Baker. Before adopting her stage name, she used her mother's husband's husband, Mortensen and Baker.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Monroe's mother had an affair with a man for whom she worked,Charles Stanley Gifford, and it has been suspected for a long time that he was the father of Monroe.

According to the bookMarilyn Monroe: the private life of a public icon byCharles Casillo(via theDaily mail), Baker told Monroe that Gifford was her father when she was a child and showed him a photo of him. "It was a mystery, a fantasy," writes Casillo. "It was the man in the photo to whom she told. Norma Jean would spend a life looking for this man in others, wanting to know him, love him, wanting to passionately that he love him in return."

The identity of his father was recently proven.

Marilyn Monroe photographed circa 1947
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A documentary published earlier this year, entitledMarilyn, her latest secret, FeaturesProof that Gifford was Monroe's father. A DNA test was carried out on a wick of Monroe hair and the saliva of Gifford's great-grandchild. The movie director,François Pomès,,ToldVariety, "The thing I touched [sic] most was to see the reaction of Gifford's family who was overwhelmed by this irrefutable proof."

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Gifford wrote a Get-Well card in Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe photographed posing near a window in a sweater and checkered pants circa 1955
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Although it was not publicly confirmed that Gifford was Monroe's father during his lifetime - or that they shared any communication - they would have met when she was at the hospital, in which case he gave a Grenail card.

The card, which will be part of the auction, is printed with the text: "This joyful little note from Gort comes specially to say that a lot of thoughts and wishes are also with you every day." Above the message, Gifford wrote, "Dear Marilyn" and below, he added "a little prayer too" and signed "Stanley Gifford, Red Rock Dairy Farm, Hemet, California."

Monroe would have recalled having met Gifford.

Marilyn Monroe photographed leaving the home she shared with Joe DiMaggio after announcing their divorce in 1954
Bettmann / Getty images

A press release from Julien auctionexplains that the book My sister Marilyn, a memory of Marilyn Monroe by the half-sister of Monroe,Bernese Baker miracle, and Berniese's daughter,Miracle Mona Rae, said Monroe recalled that her father had visited him in the hospital

According to miracles, Monroe said one day: "The first time I saw my father, I was lying flat on my back in the hospital. I looked at him and I studied his face and his Traits, and I saw that the mother had told me the truth, that he was my father. "It could mean that Gifford delivered the card to Monroe to the hospital by hand.

The card was unexpectedly stumbled.

A portrait of Marilyn Monroe circa 1955
Bettmann / Getty images

Gifford's card was spotted when the Monroe historianScott Fortner has beenLook at other items.

"I discovered the card only by chance while I was preparing Marilyn's personal archives at Julien auction," said FortnerPeople. "This is the only documented proof known to a relationship between Monroe and Gifford, which resolves the mystery of whether she knew or not had contacts with her biological father."

The card should be auction between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 and will be part of the auction Julien's Auctions and TCM present: Hollywood icons and idols . It will be held live online and in person on December 17 and 18.

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