The 10 most cute little cities in the south

Expect good old-fashioned hospitality in these charming but underestimated destinations.

There is a reason why so many classic films - likeSteel Magnolias,,Notebook, andForrest Gump- Take places in small cities in the south. These picturesque destinations were charming, from theanimated music scene At the rate of slower life, a copious comforting food and of course, legendary hospitality.

While the Major's bustleCities like Nashville And New Orleans can be exciting, you cannot beat the attraction of quiet sidewalks and meet the warm and welcoming inhabitants in a more comfortable community. And these cities of tale book often do not lack things to do - many are loaded with a rich history, a dynamic arts and scenes of culture and incredible restaurants.

So, let you plan pit stands along your road trip, a pleasurefamily getaway, or a romanticweekend With your SO, here are some of the most cute little towns south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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The best small cities in the south

1. Tarpon Springs, Florida

Tarpon Springs Florida
Paul Massie Photography / Shutterstock

Just along the Gulf of Mexico, a few hours away northwest of TampaKathryn Anderson, founder of the travel blogCoffee and mascara, looks like a slice of Greece.

"With a population of just over 25,000 people, many of whom are of Greek origin, this charming city will transport you to the Greek islands," she said. "Authentic Greek music extends in the streets of stores while sellers are trying to attract you to shop. Others encourage you to enter their restaurants for a meal, claiming to have the best Greek cuisine in town."

While all authentic Greek dishes are tasty, Anderson strongly recommends hittingDimitri is on water For the inflamed saganaki and the fresh grilled octopus.

"The main strip is bordered by boats with quay of fishing and sponge, and you can even make a boat visit to learn everything about natural sponges and how they are harvested," adds Anderson. "These ecological alternatives with synthetic sponges are much better for Mother Nature and your home. Several stores are dedicated to selling a wide variety of sea sponges, so make sure to take some as souvenirs."

Laura Olds, co-founder and full-time travel blogger atA piece of travelsaid between Greek flags suspended from store stores and boats, and residents often talk to themselves Greek, you can just forget that you are still in the United States

Have we mentioned that Tarpon Springs sees on average 246 days of sun per year? Spend these afternoons soaked in the sun for walking on the markets, visiting one of the many museums, or lounging on thespectacular beaches.

2. Dahlonega, Georgia

Dahlonega Georgia
Jen Wolf / Shutterstock

The name of this city stems from the word Cherokee for gold - because it housed a major gold rush in the 1830s. Today, you can always visit an old gold mine and visit theDahlonega Gold Museum To take a closer look at the history of georgia's gold extraction. During the October Gold Festival, more than 200 sellers border the streets of the city square with homemade products, food and tons of holiday decoration.

Needless to say, Dahlonega is aIdeal destination for history buffs. But this city - which is an hour's drive north of Atlanta with the Blue Ridge mountains - has many other things to offer, saysBrianna Knight, founder ofThird row adventures.

Knight recommends checking the wildlife reserve of the chestnut, a local sanctuary for injured or orphans - where you can see lazy, tigers and much more. A few other stops that deserve to be made are the Farm Red Oak Lavender and Camp Creek Falls, which has reasonable hikes with breathtaking waterfalls.

Dahlonega has been used as a film location for manyCapable Christmas movies, according to Knight, and once you see the Vacation Decorations in the City of the City developed, you will understand why.

"While you are there, make sure to consult the Holly theater and toast your stay with one of the best Tipples of Georgia Wine Country," addsJenny Ly, a professional travel blogger and entrepreneur atBurst.

3. Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach South Carolina
Staciestauffsmith Photos / Shutterstock

This seaside town is a Mecca for fishermen, beach tramps and surfers. It is known for its relaxed atmosphere and as a result of yourself - and as such, flip flops are the shoes of choice here (unless you go barefoot, as many inhabitants do).

Folly Beach, who happens to be a few minutes from the historic city center of Charleston, has 6 miles of beaches. There is a lot to do here - kayaking and standing paddleboarding with fishing and eco -tours. Before catching legendary waves at washing, stop at the oldest South Caroline surf provider, the McKevlin surf shop, to hang new equipment. After changing combination, stop by one of the many restaurants by the sea for some fish tacos or other fresh seafood.

AccordingShaun Hammond, author ofThe travel denial, the city is also responsible for unique stores with funky clothes and trinkets. And the pleasure does not stop after nightfall either: once the night falls, expect to find live phenomenal music, dangerously tasty fruity cocktails and evenings in the occasional roof.

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4. West Monroe, Louisiana

West Monroe Louisiana
@ Cityofwestmonroe / Instagram

Located just on the banks of the Ouachita river, this perfect southern city looks like a set of cinema - between the rich history, the spectacular trails, the amazing architecture and the antique stores overflowing with nostalgia.

"In the 19th century, West Monroe was known as the cotton port of Louisiana," saidJenna Walker, author / owner of the blogJenna's trips. "Many old buildings in the 19th and 20th centuries have always been united allowing the west of Monroe to maintain its historical charm."

Come back in time by spending an afternoon to travel an ancient alley, where you will find tons of vintage furniture, interior decoration, clothing, art and even old baseball cards. From there, Walker suggests sampling certain local foam atFlying heart brasserie, or the filling of the Cajun kitchen in one of the many restaurants in the stellar city center.

History enthusiasts can make a guided foot visit to find out more about the famous landmarks. Or, if you prefer to have an overview of the life of local plants and animals, you can browse the panoramic hiking tracks through the wet wereas and extend the alligators, turtles, egrets, black birds on wings Red, and even more to the majestic of 4,500 acres Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge.

For a super unique experience, go through theBiedenharn museum and gardens, a complex that combines a historic house filled with artifacts, formal English botanical gardens, a Coca-Cola museum and a Bible museum in one place.

5. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Downtown Eureka Springs
Rjjones / Shutterstock

Outdoor travelers can never want to leave this comfortable city, which is nestled in the heart of the Ozark mountains. Known for its multitude of notable monuments, which are all built aroundnatural springs, this city is in fact listed in the national register of historic places. But beyond the amazing long-standing churches,revealing museums, And the victorical buildings preserved to see, there is also a lot to do here - from camping and zip line to mountain biking and trout fishing.

"One of the things that make Eureka Springs so charming is Beaver Lake," saidJon Callahan, the author behindJourney Junket. "Created in the 1960s, Beaver Lake is an artificial tank and contains about 29,000 acres of water. There are many boats and picnic tables in the Beaver Lake region and if you like fishing In cold water, you cannot beat it. There are also many other large places to stop and have a memorable swim or hike. "

There is a little something for everyone at Eureka Springs. The adventurous types will appreciate exploring some of the biggest Arkansas show caves, such as Cosmic Cavern and Onyx Cave - where you can see rocky training and breathtaking rooms. Musicans, on the other hand, should stop at the Mojo discs to discover the unmatched selection of vintage vinyl. And art lovers should certainly stopZarks gallery WhereQuicksilver Art & Fine Craft gallery To collect special memories created by the inhabitants.

6. Southern Pins, North Carolina

Southern Pines North Carolina
Kad Photo / Shutterstock

There are many reasons why visitors from all over the region flock to this beautiful southern city - its spectacular historic sites and its exciting outdoor activities to its outdoor activitiesMany local shops and renowned restaurants. The dynamic city center is dotted with pretty cafes and craft brasseries where you can sip a local foam while enjoying live music and tasting catering dishes.

"The people of southern pines are one of the softest souls you will meet," saidAbby Price, CEO and co-founder ofTrekking price. "They treat you like a family right away."

According to Price, the VirginWorld class golf courses are one of the main attractions here. For example, the Pine Needles Resort & Golf Club of the city welcomed the U.S. Women's Open five times different.

But that's not all that the southern pines have to offer. This city is also known for its equestrian activity thanks to its kilometers of driving trails and abundant horses farms. It also houses the 900 -acres Weymouth Woods nature reserve, which includes old -centuries and an exhibition hall where you can learn more about the history, flora and fauna in the region.

In the meantime, theWeymouth Center for Arts and Human Sciences Not only works like a park, formal gardens and a nature reserve, but also as a residence where you can attend poetry readings, musical concerts and dramatic performance.

7. Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge Georgia
@ Visitblueridgega / Instagram

Between the 106,000 acres of the national forest of Chattahochoche, 300 miles of hiking trails and 100 miles of trout streams, Blue Ridge is an essential city for any passionate of nature. This mountain city also offers many handicrafts and breweries, art exhibitions and high -end stores and galleries. Whether you want to spend your days kayaking in Toccoa, hiking local waterfalls along the Appalachian path, a bright waters on the Ocoee river, or shopping windows in the center- City, you have forced a memorable stay.

"The city center is a very fluid line of stores that rides the railway from Blue Ridge station," explains Knight. “Visitors can find clothing stores, general stores, ice cream and homemade and many others. The lines of stores on each side of the street are separated by a well-maintained green space which offers a playground, picnic areas and a little pleasure of local chickens which always seem to be hungry. ""

Knight says that the flourishing scene of restaurants here is full of classic South Kitchen, barbecue with fried catfish. "The best activities include driving the picturesque railway Blue Ridge, apple picking at Mercier Orchards and Swan Drive-In cinema," adds Knight. "And the station is in the heart of the city center so that visitors can easily park their cars in one of the lots all day and spend the whole day in the city center."

Knight's favorite thing about Blue Ridge is that it is super accessible on foot - while exploring the city center, do not hesitate to bring a friend or a fur stroller. "And the city is at the mountains time, so there is no precipitation, whether through or walk in the streets," she explains. "It is extremely family and suitable for pets - in fact, most stores have bowls of water for dogs outside their doors."

8. Beaufort, South Carolina

Sunrise in Beaufort South Carolina
@ Visit_BeaufortSc / Instagram

With its proximity to Charleston and Hilton Head Island, this city - which takes place on the Royal Île de Port - serves as an excursion of a day or an ideal attachment base for all the coastal holidays of South Carolina.

"You will find it difficult to find a more quintesential southern city than Beaufort," saidDewayne Tudor, a writer atThe blog and the travel agency of simple passenger. "Beautiful houses in the south with large porches border the streets while you are heading to the city center easily accessible on foot full of shops and restaurants. The park by the water offers frequent porch swings along along From the river where you can stop and watch the shrimp boats enter and get out of the River Marina. And people are incredibly sympathetic and hospital. "

While exploring the historic district of the city center, you are forced to identify spectacular residences in the avant-garde. And when you don't emerge architecture,Luke Xavier travel blogUSA Rover Recommends enjoying a quiet paddle on the river or taking a boat trip towards one of the neighboring barriers.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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9. HEBER Springs, Arkansas

Heber Springs Arkansas
Melissa Tate / Shutterstock

To say that Heber Springs is a small town could be an understatement: it only makes 8 square miles. Although it can be small, however, it is certainly not short on beauty - after all, it bears the name of a series of natural springs located on the east side of the city. Just north of the city, Little Red River and Greers Ferry Lake offer many opportunities for fishing, pleasure navigation and swimming.

"HEBER Springs is a city of lake full ofMagnificent campsite, picturesque hiking trails and the best trout fishing in the world, "saidLINDSEY RALSTON, Owner ofEverything about Arkansas. “Greers Ferry Lake is perfect for any nautical sport, including my favorite: floating lazily on a raft. But what really makes this relaxed city the best in Arkansas are people. You will find the friendliest people in the south of Heber Springs. We made friends for life in a single visit around a campfire. ""

When you need a break in the life of the lake, consider visiting theHistorical County Company of Cleburne To look at the exhibitions and historical artefacts, take advantage of the beautiful view of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Overlook, playing the Mossy Bluff's 18 -hole Bluff Mossy Bluff golf course, according to a painting course at the Ellen Hobgood gallery or by extending the Various shops and restaurants in the historic city center.

10. West Jefferson, North Carolina

West Jefferson North Carolina
@ Visitwestjefferson / Instagram

"West Jefferson is close to Boone but without the crowd and intense circulation," explainsAlison Watta, Creator and publisher ofSolo exploration. "Residents greet themselves in stores and on the street, but they are also happy to point visitors to the best places for food or coffee."

Watta suggests checking the brasseries, restaurants and stores in the city center and also pay a visit toAshe County Cheese Factory to watch them do curd cheese.

Without a doubt, one of the first things you will notice about West Jefferson is the Vibrant Arts district, which has a striking range of 13 distinct wall paintings and a handful of remarkable galleries. "If you are lucky, you can be visited during one of the ramps in the gallery organized throughout the year," adds Watta.

Speaking of art - one of the most visited attractions in the city is the St. Mary's church in the frescoes, a historic church features murals by the famous local artist Ben Long.

And if you are the kind of person who simply cannot get enough joy of the holidays, do not miss the city celebration of the city in July during the independence weekend - which generally attracts more than 20,000 visitors.

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