Kohl will let buyers do this for a limited period, from tomorrow

Take advantage of this special offer until October 2.

If you shop at Kohl, you know that its stores always manage sales and promote means ofEarn Kohl's money. The retailer even offers a discount for the elders on Wednesday, as well as a discount for the members of the army every Monday, all year round. But Kohl now plans to offer buyers something new this fall, except for a limited period. If you have not planned a trip in the near future, it could change your mind. Read the rest to find out what Kohl will provide a limited duration, from tomorrow.

Read this then:If you shop at Kohl, prepare for this "effective" change in all stores.

Kohl's updated politicians to keep the stores that comply with time.

kohl's self-pickup

During the summer, a certain number of changes were made to Kohl, including theIntroduction of self-piquet to all 1,165 locations in the United States in August. Buyers are now able to place orders online and recover them in their local store in just two hours. This feature eliminated the need to wait online to customer service, which was the previous process to recover online orders.

Also in August, the retailer announced his intention toSephora shops Open Inside all Kohl stores, expanding the current partnership. As of August 18, the retailer opened 600 Sephora stores, and in 2023, Kohl's plans to add additional 250, CEOMichelle Gass confirmed.

Although these two changes are there to stay, Kohl will only offer a certain service until October 2.

The next change takes place outside stores.

charging station at kohl's

From September 23, Kohl will provide a free electronic vehicle load (EV) toMore than 140 national stores, the retailer confirmed in a declaration sent by e-mail toBetter life. Kohl's currently has more than 300 EV charging stations in stores and corporate offices across the country, after installing the first station in 2011.

While Kohl does not lists the typical price to recharge, according toJune 2022 estimates Reported by Kelley Blue Book, the price per kilowatt (kWh) is around 15 cents. The average driver of electric vehicles generally uses approximately 394 kWh to cover 1,183 miles per month, or $ 59 in charging costs. So, if you have an EV or a hybrid at home - and do not have a charger yourself - you can save at least part of this monthly cost before October 2.

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The free service is timed to coincide with a national celebration.

electronic vehicle charging
Buffaloboy / Shutterstock

Kohl's offers a free charge to celebrate the National Drive Electric Week, scheduled from September 23 to October 2 of this year. The official event website indicates that it is intended "to raise awareness Many advantages of electric and rechargeable hybrid cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. ""AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Kohl also offered a free charge in 2021, supporting the "ESG) of the company" of the company. This year, Kohl's is again committed to reducing its carbon footprint, according to the company's declaration - with the free charge initiative, they hope to help customers as well.

You can find out if your local store is equipped with a charging station using thestore locator on kohls.com. The tool will take up your current location, and if you apply the EV loading station filter, you can easily see if you are available near you.

Last year, Kohl increased its number of charging stations.

woman charging electric car
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If you haven't been to Kohl for some time, you may have missed the addition of a charging station. In April 2021, the retailerIn partnership with Volta Industries, Inc. To extend the number of charging stations to 50 additional Kohl stores in 22 states. They are located near the entrance doors for stores, allowing customers to load their cars during their shopping.

"Kohl's has a certain number of durability objectives that we are looking to progress against the inclusion of climate change and the transition to a carbon carbon transport system. These objectives not only support the transport solutions concerned with the Environment, but mark a reflection of expectations that our partners, customers and communities have for our role in the realization of long -term sustainability, "Steve ThomasSaid the main risk and compliance responsible for Kohl, in the press release announcing the partnership.

"Bringing additional electric vehicle charging stations to our store of stores with a partner like Volta adds a significant sustainable touchstone and additional convenience for Kohl employees and buyers," he added.

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