The 7 most kind personality types Myers-Briggs say the experts

These people will do their best to lend a hand.

Treat others withConsideration and respect is an invaluable quality, and you are probably taking a special opinion for these people in your life which are particularly nice. These people always do their best for others, and this trend can actually have something to do with their personality type. Of all the different types of Myers-Briggs, some are known to be the nicest.

Although this is not a perfect science, the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) can help usBetter understand our personalities, as well as those of others. The auto -declared questionnaire determines whether you look towards extraversion (e) or introversion (i); prefer to use detection or intuition (N); tend to be more thought of (t) or feel (f); and are more judged (J) or perceiving (p). These letters can be organized to train 16 different types of personality, identified by four -letters acronyms. And yes, some types are a little more pleasant than others.

"Some people are nicer and generous than others,"Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, Md,certified psychiatrist Pleasant personality, tellsBetter life. "These features are integrated into the makeup of a person's personality and cannot be nourished if they are not where are present at least quantities. In MBTI, we have some personality types that are affectionate, considerate, friendly and polished. "

There is no concrete answer for which the type of personality is the nicest overall, because it will vary from one person to another. However, experts say that there are seven who tend to display this quality more often than others. Read the continuation to find out what types of Myers-Briggs, Gonzalez-Berrios and his expert colleagues, define as the nicest.

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Those who are extroverted, detector, feeling and judgment are often identified as one of the nicest types of experts. "The ESFJs have extroverted the feeling as a dominant cognitive function," explains Gonzalez-Berrios. "This makes them reign by their hearts. They are nice, polite, friendly and sensitive."

People with this type of personality are to come with their feelings and are also able to read the emotions of others without being told directly. Because they feel and also feel, "they listen to their immediate environment".

ESFJs also tend to put others first and prioritize the needs of others above their own. They "are nice and warm", explains Gonzalez-Berrios. "Sometimes they will leave aside their comfort and support those who need it."

AccordingIsabelle Robledo,,personality expert And the co-founder of Making Mindfulness fun, people with this type of personality will leave no one aside. "The ESFJ is favorable and social, [and] always sure to make you feel inclusive and accepted," she saidBetter life.


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Known as "protectors", ISFJ tends to take care of others. "These individuals have introverted detection as a dominant function and an extroverted sensation as an auxiliary function," explains Gonzalez-BerriosBetter life. "Thus, in combination with these two cognitive functions, the ISFJ are sensitive souls. They are nice, affectionate and will support their loved ones."

Their introverted nature can make them shy in social situations, but this is often prevailing on their desire to lend a hand. "Sometimes the ISFJ are misunderstood as extroverts because of their real interest in supporting others," added Gonzalez-Berrios.

According to Robledo, these "intention listeners ... will serve you and protect you in any imaginable ways".

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Only one letter apart from the ISFJ, infjes are intuitive instead of detecting. Robledo claims that infjes have the "cognitive function fe", which means that they are extroverted palpors. "The cognitive function fe makes decisions based on the emotions and empathy of others," she said. "They have a natural tendency to feel what others feel before what they feel themselves."

Those who do not have the FE function can experience more compassion difficulties, but this is where the infjs excellent. "The infj is excellent to listen to and offer words of wisdom that help you see the overview," notes Robledo.

Joseph Puglisi, CEO ofEmblematic meetings, add that these types are "reserved and private", but they are also always polite and sensitive when they interact with others.


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Unlike infj, those who have the ESFP personality type have the Cognitive FU function, which means that they are introverted palpeurs. "Thus, they have deeper emotions than what they really show in the outside world," explains Gonzalez-BerriosBetter life. "These are jovial and fun extroverts that can be compassionate for [] anyone."AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

She adds that these people are not quick to criticize and keep an open mind. Being a type of detection, they are also listening to the mood of those around them. "They will always be nice and useful to those who are in great distress," adds Gonzalez-Berrios. "The ESFPs are warm and considerate. They will accept others with opening and heat."

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Another type of polished personality is bogus. According to Robledo, these people are not shy and tend to be large listeners who really care and sympathize with others. "The ENPJ is out and organized, helping you arrive where you want to go," she said.

Sarah Watson, chief of the farm in BPTLAB, aPersonal test solution supplier, agree, adding that the ENPJ are "known as" donors "of the world myers-briggs".

"They often put the needs of others before their own, and they always seek means to make a difference in the world," she explains.


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The introverted, intuitive, sensation and perception types are also among the nicest MBTI types. Like infjs, "they are very in line with the emotions of others, and they really care to make others happy," says WatsonBetter life.

They want to help in any way possible and tend to be "very given and disinterested", she adds.

Puglisi also notes that infp are particularly compassionate and attentive. "They are sensitive to what others feel, so they are generally cautious with their choice of words or method of approach to someone," he explains. "They only dropped their kindness when they feel threatened or challenged."

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Souppelt This list are ISFP, which are particularly sensitive and sympathetic. "These are passionate observers and can connect with the subtle feelings of others," said Gonzalez-Berrios. "They also have a caring and adjustable nature."

You will probably see them displaying their kindness when they get involved in efforts in the community or social work, and as they are defined by their warmth and compassion, they are easily affected by those around them.

"The misfortunes and anxieties of others can shake them badly, and they will always prefer to take their kindness voluntarily," explains Gonzalez-Berrios. "The ISFP are flexible and spontaneous. They will not think much before [committing] a kind act - these individuals are accessible and others can ask them for help without hesitation."

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