The most sophisticated zodiac sign, according to astrologers

There will be no cheap wine or reality TV for these refined people.

Does that have the impression that some people areElegant effortless? They penetrate the rooms in super high heels without tripping, always know the new most chic restaurants with the best wine list and watch interesting documentaries that they are quick to reference. And they do all this without a pretentious air. If you feel jealous of their refined and cultivated character, it may be useful to know that his horoscope could be behind. Read the rest to discover the six most sophisticated signs, according to professional astrologers, relatively good taste to incredibly cosmopolitan.

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Scorpion may seem an unexpected choice for this list, but it is their intriguing behavior that leads to their feeling of sophistication. "Like amysterious and sensual sign of water, the scorpion attracts people but rarely gives them what they want, "explainsRachel Clare, aastrologer at mystics.

Although this behavior can sometimes be alienating, this is generally what leads people to obsess scorpios. "This sign is the commander -in -chief to play people and to be misleading, but they manage to do it in such an attractive and magnetizing way," explains Clare. In addition, scorpios will appear quite cultivated because they believe better than everyone around them (and they often do it).


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It is not surprising that the kings and queens of the jungle are considered demanding. After all, they like the spotlight and are considered to be theThe most vain vain of the zodiac. Because they think so much of themselves, they are "often the most glamorous and sophisticated people of the party," notes Clare.

But it is really their social and charming nature that gives them this refined appearance. Clare says that Leos have a "magnetism that comes from their innate capacity to socialize anywhere and with anyone, putting people at ease and putting others entirely at ease in their presence".

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Capricorns are known to wantBuy at the office, they therefore behave in a way that would impress their superiors even when they are not there. Bynes says that this worker sign "gives off confidence and maturity, and acts in a worthy manner". So do not expect them to drink too much at the Office Happy Hour or engage in corporate gossip.

"Their quiet determinism is admirable and appears to be sophisticated effortlessly," explains Clare. Even if they are worried about a great presentation, you will never know. "As a guarded sign of the earth, the Capricorns are doing with balance and elegance, never making hassle or causing a scene," explains Clare.


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It is not a secret that the bullLove the finest things in life. They want the highest thread counting sheets and the last creator bag. "Bulls may or may not be the most sophisticated in terms of personality, but their love for luxurious material articles compensates for this," explains Clare.

"Do you always notice inexplicably when a person enters a room, say, during a party or a social gathering?" requestSusan Bynes, aAstrologer in Tothetédream. "The chances are, it's a bull." She says they are always dressed in the new ones, "but not odious about their sophistication." This relaxed style of style and grace means that people admire and respect them, as opposed to feel jealous or deactivate.

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Sweeter is considered to be the most adventurous zodiac sign and always seem to have a new wild story to tell. "Most of this comes from their affinity toTravel to new places And live cultures, which they only want to live the best, "says Bynes. It helps" they tend to choose destinations known for cultures and sophisticated people, in order to meet their needs ", she adds .AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Their constant journey leads to a worldliness that certainly impresses. Do you want to know the best restaurant in Paris? How about the largest leather shop in Italy? Perhaps you need a recommendation for a station in the Caribbean? A sophisticated subsidence will surely send you an entire list (or even offer you to accompany you).


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The graceful Libras lead balanced lifestyles, impressive the more emotional and imprudent signs that do not think before they act. "Symbolized by the scales of justice, the balances are dedicated to equity and balance in life, both in the way they are doing and how they treat others", according to Clare. They will enter a room with an air of trust but will always be accessible.

In addition, the balance is led by the Romantic Venus , so they are very in touch with their more sensual side and "know exactly how to use it to their advantage," explains Clare. When they enter this room, others can feel immediate attraction according to their body language and their behavior.

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