The star of the child in the 90s says he stopped working because he was not a very good actor "

Jonathan Lipnicki is always loved for roles in Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little.

If you easily remember that the human head weighs eight pounds, you probably need this knowledge to the little child of the 1996 filmJerry Maguire. Ray, the son ofRenée Zellweger Single mom character, I loved sharing facts like this one withTom CruiseJerry, and the actor who played him,Jonathan Lipnicki, was a stage thief in the film.Jerry Maguire was the start of the Lipnicki film, but he continued to other popular films and television programs in the 1990s and the early 2000s, especiallyStuart Little and its suite,Like Mike,,The little vampire,,Dawson's Creek, andThe show Jeff Foxworthy.

Today, Lipnicki is 31 years old and returned to performance. But, he took some time on the entertainment sector during his adolescence, and he explained the reason why in a new interview. Rather than just wanting to live a normal life as a high school, because he thought that his hiatus was interpreted, Lipnicki actually estimated that he "was not a very good actor" at the time and needed to work on his job. Read the rest to see what he had elsewhere to say.

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Lipnicki ceased to act in the mid -00 years.

Jonathan Lipnicki at the Beverly Hilton Hotel where Tom Cruise was honored with the John Huston Award by the Artists Rights Foundation in 1998
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If you checkLipnicki CV, it seems that he has worked fairly regularly since he was a child, but there is a gap in the middle in the late 00. At this stage, Lipnicki attended high school and did not act professionally.

"I didn't work for a long time," Lipnicki told Slash FilmIn a new interview. "And people always supervise this as" oh, I went to high school ", and whatever OFF. I took free time, in the sense that it was not the only priority I had. But but I did not work because I did not work. I did not really get roles for a while. "

Lipnicki has already said The Hollywood Reporter In 2017, he "heard here and there" during this period.

He thinks he has lost a natural capacity as they age.

Jonathan Lipnicki at the premiere of
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Referring to not having roles during his adolescence, Lipnicki continued to reduce the film, "I am honest on this subject. And it was because [I] was not a very good actor at some point. ""

He explained: "Because the great thing to be young, a child, is that there is this beautiful inherent childish wonder. And that is why many children you see are quite talented. And the filters enter And whether you become nervous, or ... the world comes into play. And so for me, I have gone to do the natural thing, trying to be like my favorite actors. "

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He lost confidence.

Jonathan Lipnicki at the premiere of
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In hisHollywood Reporter Interview, Lipnicki shared similar thoughts and said he did not feel confident in his talent at the time.

"I was a little in an annoying phase, and I was not as confident in me, and the best thing as an actor that you can bring to a role is yourself," he said . "When you are not confident in whom this person is, you are not going to be the best actor. In fact, I was not the best actor for some time."

He started taking acting lessons.

Jonathan Lipnicki at the premiere of
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Lipnicki said that acting and working in the theater helped him feel more confident in his talent.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"So there was a transition where I got out of high school and I started doing action courses. And I took an acting course course and I progressed," He told Slash Film. "And that was really where it brought him to a new level where I was studying her. Really, really studying him. I had never made a theater when I was a child, so I started to Make theater. I have always loved, but I found a new type of love renewed for that. "

Today, he is back to love what he is doing.

Jonathan Lipnicki at The Algemeiner's 8th annual J100 Gala in 2021
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Lipnicki returned to a coherent work on the screen around 2012 and appeared in films, short films and television shows, as well as the continuation of playing on stage. Some of his recent roles were in the television seriesThe resident, the comedyContest in common in paradise , and the horror film Grill .

"I thought of other career paths, especially during my adolescence, and there is nothing I prefer to do in my life," Lipnicki said on The truth in 2019. "Whether I make big films as I did in my childhood or - you know, I did more work as an adult. These are the films that I made those that I I did when I was a child. But if you like what you do, you have to chase it. "

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