The most lonely zodiac sign, according to astrologers

Some people savor their time alone, but others find themselves unintentionally.

Being alone does not necessarily equal to be alone. Somevery independent people Have no qualms about asking for a table for one or taking a solo vacation. But for others, being left to themselves is not a personal choice, but rather an unwanted result of their personality. The distinction between these two types of people can reside in its horoscope, according to astrologers. Those who are without confidence, very emotional or simply difficult to manage are more likely to be isolated. Read the rest to discover the six signs of the most lonely zodiac, a little alone to abandoned and without friends.

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Aries may not seem alone because they are so independent, but this adventurous spirit can show them others as rivals. "Because Ariesis a competitive sign, they cannot easily trust others, and others cannot easily trust them, "saidEmily Newman, aSpiritual healer, advisor and astrologer. "If Aries has been betrayed, they will hesitate to trust."

In addition to alienating those they consider threats, ram will sometimes seek "vulnerable" people who are more likely to excuse their doubtful behavior, explainsVictoria Thomas, astrologer and writer atPeaceful dumplings. For these reasons, this panel can find a fight to find a group of friends who accept them for whom they are.


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Famous astrologer andscriptwriterKyle Thomas Call this water panel "The most sensitive zodiac sign Of all because they are led by Neptune, the planet of spiritually, and Jupiter, the planet of hope. "But in many cases, this sensitivity can lead to an acute feeling of isolation." They are often detached from reality with their heads in the clouds because they prefer fantasy with cold and hard facts, "explains Kyle." This can lead them to be solitary souls, always looking for "one" or dwell on their illusions, their delusions and their escape rather than to settle ".

But fish are looking for the link, they just have to trust the other person. "They love all their hearts, so they prefer to be alone if they feel wrong," said Newman.

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Virgos are considered theZodiac perfectionists"" What leads them to cut people if they do not feel that it is a "perfect match", notes Kyle. On the other hand, their hypercritical nature can lead others to move away from the relationship "No one wants to be with those who are continuously finding the fault in others," said Newman.

In less extreme cases, Virgos type A personality can simply hamper lasting obligations. They will be too mired in the details of the planning of a meeting that they will not even be able to take advantage of it.


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Cancers are extremely emotional signs. This often leads to a desire for people and places, even if they are satisfied. "They are led by the Moon, which is a very self-replication and nostalgic light," notes Kyle, who says that it can lead them to be "obsessed in the past, the ex, or" the one who fled " , rather than living in the present. "AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

In addition, cancer is considered to be theThe most moody zodiac sign. Their fluctuating feelings can be difficult to understand for foreigners and, in turn, can drive people out. Therefore, cancers find comfort with their family rather than going out and meeting new people.

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Capricorns concentrate a large part of their energy onGo ahead in their work, which leaves little time to socialize and establish relationships. These workads "give priority to success, wealth and career on their personal life," explains Kyle. "It is something that they can finally regret on the whole line, because they cannot find affection or love in the arms of a career."

This sign also takes a long time to warm up on people, "which prevents them from connecting with others," notes Newman. But they don't care exactly about their time alone. "They prefer to be alone and relax rather than interact with others," adds Newman. If you invite a Capricorn to a gathering, there is a good chance that they will find a reason to retreat at the last minute so that they can enjoy the house.


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Scorpions have the reputation of beingmysterious and secret . Because they are in this way, they assume that others also lead them to be very suspect and without confidence in people. "They take their time to know someone and may prefer their own business until they are some of the connection," said Newman.

And if they feel that they have been injured (which happens easily), they will immediately put a wall. "This can make them preserve trauma and fear of intimacy, confidence and vulnerability to the detriment of opening," warns Kyle. "As a fixed sign, they are stubborn and resist change and have problems moving on." Once a Scorpion decides to leave society, they could so much take advantage of their own business that they do not hide.

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