If you have done this, have your liver checked, the experts say

People with hepatitis B and C are four times more likely to have done this one thing.

Yourliver health Maybe affected by your daily habits, such as the foods you eat and whether or not you drink alcohol. But many people with serious chronic liver affections suffer from poor liver health not because of their lifestyles, but due to a unique event, such as having a blood transfusion before 1992, or inject drugs at some point in their lives. Now, experts warn against another risk factor - and that's more than 30% of Americans have done. Read the rest to find out if you need to have your liver checked according to this potential threat to your liver health.

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Many people have hepatitis B or C without knowing it.

Hepatitis C

Experts warn that many people whosuffer from hepatitis Do not know they have the condition. "About50% of people with hepatitis C I do not know they are infected, "warns the centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This poses an important health challenge, because the hepatic condition" is a main cause of hepatic transplantation and liver cancer ", recognizes health authority.

Similarly, about two -thirds of people with hepatitis B - also known for driving liver cancer - do not know that they are infected.

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If you have done this, screen for hepatitis C.

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A study conducted in 2006 conducted by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases examined the data of 3,871 individuals - half with hepatitis C and half without - and found that those who had one or more tattoos Were significantlyhigher risk of having hepatitis C.

The study concluded that people with hepatitis C (VHC) were about four times more likely to have tattoos, compared to the control group. Researchers have checked the traditional risk factors for hepatitis C, such as history of injected drugs or to have blood transfusion before 1992. "Among these people without traditional risk factors, positive HCV patients have remained much more Likely to have history history one or more tattoos after adjustment for age, sex and ethnicity, "wrote the authors of the study.

Tattoo salons that follow hygienic directives are not a threat.

Two men, tattoo artist tattooing a man's arm in his tattoo studio.

Not all tattoos represent an equal threat. The conditions of the show itself can make a significant difference in your safety, and the tattoos carried out in health conditions have not been linked to an increased risk of hepatitis B or C.

"The needles and other equipment used contribute to the risk of cross -contamination and illness," said experts from the University of Michigan. "If the equipment is not new or correctly sterilized, or if the appropriate hygienic guidelines are not followed, the diseases transmitted by the blood, ashepatitis B and C (which can cause liver damage to life and subsequent liver cancer), HIV, tetanus and tuberculosis, can be transmitted, "they warn.

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These are the signs of a safe tattoo studio.

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If you planto tattoo, it is important to exercise appropriate precautions - and to make sure that the tattoo trade fair that you choose too.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Experts from the University of Michigan first recommend that the living room space are very clean and have areas designated separately for drilling and tattooing. They add that the needles should only be used once and should always be opened in front of the customer. Additional sterilization equipment must be used for the rest of the equipment, and the staff must both wash their hands and put latex gloves before starting each procedure. The ink must be prepared in a single -use cup, then eliminated later.

If you are still not sure of the safety protocols of a tattooing room, ask questions and be ready to move away if you feel uncomfortable.

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