The sign of the zodiac most likely to break your heart, say astrologers

The rupture is difficult to do, especially when the other person has little respect for your feelings.

Whether you are a teenager dealing with the loss of a first love or an adult adultgo through a difficult divorce, a broken heart is a painful experience - which cannot feel sleeping where it seems that nothing will bring you a smile on your face. Of course, it is an inevitable part of life (the one that makes us stronger), but there could be a meansTo reduce the blow. According to professional astrologers, some people are more enclosed than others to crush your dream dreams. Continue to read to find out which zodiac signs are the most likely to break your heart, somewhat insensitive to completely insensitive.

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Scorpions arePassion and intensity Thanks to their double planetary leaders, Mars (the planet of love and sex) and Pluto (the planet of power). It is wonderful if you are in a relationship committed with them, but when things are still relaxed, it can be misleading.

"A scorpion will deal with you as if you were the desire for their ultimate heart, even when you do not yet know the names of the other," explainsPsychic celebrity and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "When they realize that you are not really supposed to be and that you are moving away, you are left in tatters because you think that is how they behave with true love, not how they behave with Everyone, "she explains.

What worsens the problem is that scorpions are alsoNotoriously mysterious and secret. "Even if Scorpion aspires to a deep intimacy with their partners, they also find it very difficult to trust them," explainsTara Redfield, a professional astrologer toAnother day of lifestyle and greener astrology. Thus, all these romantic moments could hide what they really feel.


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ConsideredThe least romantic zodiac sign, Aquarians are more concerned with their independence than by the art of relations. "The idea of ​​engaging in one person can terrify them, so they put an end to things suddenly or opt to keep things extremely relaxed," explains Redfield.

Being governed by the unpredictable planet Uranus does not help the Aquarius in this department either. "They can be firm and true in a relationship, then decide suddenly and unexpectedly that you hold them and put too many requests on their time," explainsCharlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blogGenerally topical. And because the Aquarius want to watch out, "they find it difficult to keep their hands and their eyes on themselves," she adds.

Even if you are the one who ends things with a Aquarius, let's say because of something they have done to hurt you, you are probably welcomed with a stoicism that has the impression that you were never Everything in love. Known as one of the coldest signs of the zodiac, "Aquarius could accept that they have hurt, but they will rarely come back after a break," said Kirsten.

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This sign of fire isAdventure, always ready for their next exotic trip or its new job in a new city (or country!). Naturally, this desire for freedom does not leave much room for a long -term relationship. However, confusion arrives because Sagittarians like the honeymoon phase of a relationship. "But when it starts to become real and serious, they want to be free again," notes Redfield.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Sagittarius is not the most empathetic sign either, very often putting their own needs first and not reflecting on how it could affect their partner. "While you were busy planning Dream Couple's trip together, they have already reserved a solo trip and check more seal list goals without you," shares Kirsten as an example.

Set up their fiercely independent nature, their lack of reflection and their frank honesty, and "you cannot imagine that sorrow when they tell their old love that they have met someone new and interesting", warnsAuthor and astrologer Lisa Barretta.


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The ram is governed by Fiery Mars, the planet of Drive (including libido) and energy. Therefore, they always seek "excitement, challenges and great drama", explains Barretta. ConsideredZodiac's wildest sign, Aries "speak more of the prosecution as opposed to the capture," she adds. "An overly placid and predictable relationship begins to bother the ram, and the desire to go to the next challenge generally leaves someone to the broken heart," according to Barretta.

Although it can be devastating in itself, it is the poorly placed passion (a bit like scorpion) that strikes you like a ton of bricks. As Honigman explains, going out with a ram is likely to include parties and non-stop socialization (and often, a lot of time between the leaves). "You will have spent thirty days and nights with them, and they did not ask for a space once. And then they suddenly disappear," she said.

Worse, they could very well come back after a few months when they got tired of anyone who came afterwards. "Unless you call it, expect this hot and cold game to tear your hearts for a long time," warns Kirsten.

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Surprised to seeThe most romantic zodiac sign As a finalist? It is true that "the Pisceans really love, madly and indeed deeply", explains Honigman. However, she warns that "a sign that this romantic will make you fully fall in love with them so that all your being is immersed in the relationship". And descend from this top can certainly leave you to the broken heart.

Having such a sensual desire can often lead fish on a path where they desperate for a relationship. Barretta notes that there is a tendency to this sign "to create a beautiful illusion in their head [and to] play the role of the real romantic". Although you may be wrapped in their affection par excellence of fairy tale, it could actually be theidea of you who is behind.

Barretta also describes fish as "the great escape artist" and says they are "masters of avoidance".Their passive aggressiveness comes from a place of fear, where they deeply feel their emotions but find it difficult to communicate them. But, as Barretta notes, "it can be heartbreaking for their partner who feels completely left aside in the cold once the fish of the fish slip to take a break to pretend to want a commitment."


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In the number one place is the Gemini,The undecided sign twins and duality. "Geminis are constantly looking for new experiences because they like constant variety and mental stimulation," explains Redfield. "Geminis are also extremely curious and can easily become intrigued by someone new and leave their current partner in the dust."

Simply avoiding a relationship with this sign may seem simple, but as Honigman explains, they have a talent to make you think "that you are their one and only". She says they "invite you to public gatherings and generally show you. While doing exactly the same with someone else". And, she adds, "you trust them to be faithful because who would risk being taken like that? Gemini, who is."

When they break things, Geminis will not waste time making their new partner just as public, with little consideration for your feelings. "Expect to see a new image of Instagram torque on your flow," said Kirsten. She also warns that Gemini is the most likely sign of ghost. "You may not even know that you have officially broken until you are blocked and calls have voicemail," she said. Ouch!

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