The only thing experts say you need to do to reduce your risk of dementia now

Make only one thing reduced your Alzheimer's risk by 45%.

Aging can be a frightening perspective, especially with regard to a particular health problem: dementia. According to a2016 survey Directed by the Alzheimer's company in the United Kingdom, more than 55% of people postponed dementia screening for at least one year for fear of being diagnosed. Sixty-two percent of respondents "estimated that a diagnosis would mean that their life was over".

However, for all these concerns - without mentioning the request of the health authorities - relatively few people take proactive measures to maintain their neurological health. Now experts say there is a simple thing you can do toReduce your risk of dementia 30% and your Alzheimer's risk by 45%. Read the continuation to find out how you can take your cognitive health in hand and what other interventions can further reduce your risk factors.

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There are several ways to reduce the risk of your dementia.

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Although there is not a single way of guaranteeing a future without dementia, experts say that several things can reduce your risk.Useful interventions include Maintain healthy diet and weight, quit smoking and keep your alcohol consumption under the recommended limit, explains national health services of the United Kingdom (NHS).

In addition, it is important to avoid or treat health problems that increase your risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes, as these are known to increase the risk of dementia. Maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels is essential to reduce the risk of your dementia.

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Doing this only thing can reduce your risk of dementia now.

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In addition to these other interventions, there is another easy way to reduce your risk of dementia - and it seems that it is the most effective. "StockRegular physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of dementia. It's good for your heart, circulation, weight and mental well-being ", writes the Alzheimer's company, noting that aerobic activity and force training are beneficial." Each type will keep you in shape in different ways. Make a combination of these activities will help you reduce your risk of dementia. ""

In fact, a study that examined the health habits of 2,235 men in Wales during 35 years learned that in relation to not smoking, moderate alcohol consumption, healthy body weight and healthy diet ,,regular exercise had the greatest impact on its chances of developing dementia.

However, the adoption of a global approach to reduce the risk of dementia is always advised, rather than focusing on a single factor. The study concluded that the subjects that followed four or the five of these interventions were 60% less likely to develop dementia later.

Exercise is particularly useful at a certain age.

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Alzheimer's company notes that doing regular exercise during ripe age is particularly protective against dementia later. "Several prospective studies havelooked at middle -aged people And the effects of exercise on their thought and their memory later, "their experts write." The combination of the results of 11 studies shows that regular exercise can considerably reduce the risk of developing dementia of around 30%, "they explain, noting that the risk of Alzheimer has been reduced by 45%.

The NHS recommends that you "follow the recommended guidelines to perform at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity each week, such as a quick walk, bicycle or dance. You should also do reinforcement exercises at least two times a week, such as gardening or yoga. "

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You can see an improvement in just one month.

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Although many researchers have concentrated in the long term,Brain strengthening advantages From exercise, some studies suggest that you may be able to see improvements in as little as a month. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"In the short term, aerobic exercise can also improve the performance of healthy adults on reflection tests," said Alzheimer's company. "Gather the results of 29 clinical trials, one month or more of regular aerobic exercise has resulted in improvements in memory, attention and treatment speed compared to regular non -aerobic exercises such as stretching and stretching and stretching toning. "

Talk to your health care provider if you have any questions about how to start a new exercise plan safely.

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