Interesting Facts Citayam Fashion Week, Very Viral!

Citayam Fashion Week certainly invites the curiosity of many people. This time we will discuss the interesting facts. Scroll directly!

Have you ever heard of the term Citayam Fashion Week? Yes, the term is viral because of the emergence of namescelebrityOnly from the 'event', apart from the uniqueness of the scene itself. Not only that, at Citayam Fashion Week also found by teenagers with a fairly eccentric dress style. No doubt the event became a hot phenomenon in the middle of young people.

The warm phenomenon of Citayam Fashion Week certainly invites the curiosity of many people. Especially for netizens outside the Greater Jakarta area which is far from the center of the location. For the sake of treating it, this time we will discuss the interesting facts of Citayam Fashion Week. Directscrollbelow!

1. Startingfrom aViral tiktok content

The name of Citayam Fashion Week starts from the viral tiktok content, about teenagers from Depok who played in the Sudirman area. At that time, they were wearing eccentric clothes and were asked about dating activities. One of the teenage couples who had been asked was Bonge and Dates.

The tiktok content became viral because of their unique clothes and also the answers that seemed notfake. In addition, various tiktok content circulating with similar concepts. Even Bonge looks a way with other women and no longer with dates. Then what is the story of the Tiktok content into Citayam Fashion Week?

2. The origin of the name Citayam Fashion Week

After the Tiktok Bonge content and viral friends, more and more teenagers from Depok, Citayam, and Bojonggede were playing in the Dukuh Atas area, Central Jakarta. The area is close to the SCBD region, until finally SCBD is now spent as Sudirman Citayam Bojonggede Depok. Then how is Citayam Fashion Week created?

The term Citayam Fashion Week is visited by Tiktok users named Radita Pradana. The term appeared because many teenagers from Citayam who wore unique and eccentric clothes. ModefashionIt is unique that inspires the term Citayam Fashion Week.

3. In the spotlightinJapan

It turned out that Citayam Fashion Week attracted the attention of Japanese media. Even the media associated it with Harajuku Fashion Street in the Shibuya District, Tokyo. The media named Tokyo Fashion also greatly appreciated the creativity of the teenagers who were present in the Dukuh Atas area. He also hoped that the movement would get support from Media Indonesia.

"Thread cool about thousands of Indonesian young people who dress up and make the streets in Central Jakarta live asFashion CatwalkUnlike Harajuku in Japan. Hopefully some SNAP Indonesia Street Sites/Accounts document and support the scene, "said Tokyo Fashion on Twitter.

The media said that once Harajuku Fashion Street was considered strange by local residents. Not even valued at all. In contrast to Citayam Fashion Week which received positive attention from artists and local residents.

4. Giving birth to a new celebrity

Did you know that Citayam Fashion Week turned out to spawn a fewcelebritynew? Yes, this viral street contest makes some of the names of the pioneers become famous. The first is Bonge who now has 1 million followers in Tiktok. He also has nearly 50 thousand followers on Instagram.

Besides Bonge, there is such a thing as Jasmine Laticia or familiarly called Jeje Slebew.CelebrityIt appeared at Citayam Fashion Week and viral because it was intimate with his girlfriend, and commented similar to Fuji, the sister of brother -in -law of the late Vanessa Angel. He is also famous for the slogan "Slebew" which also follows viral. At present, the Tiktok Jeje account has around 650 thousand followers, while the Instagram account has 15 thousand followers.

5. Attract the attention of the governmentdan artist of the country

Citayam Fashion Week was able to attract the attention of the government and artists of the country. It was proven when Minister of State -Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir also commented on the Citayam Fashion Week event. According to him, this phenomenon is purely the movement of young people so that they have the right to determine the direction of Citayam Fashion Week in the future.

Besides that, there are manyPublic FigureAnd the artist who attended the location of Citayam Fashion Week. Examples such as Paula Verhoeven, Ridwan Kamil, Cinta Kuya, to Vidi Aldiano. They also enliven the streets. In addition, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno also appreciated the Citayam Fashion Week movement because it had a positive impact on economic growth and urban tourism.

6. Citayam Fashion Week Will Move Location

At present, the location of the origin of Citayam Fashion Week namely Dukuh Atas, Sudirman has been closed. This happened because the warm phenomenon caused traffic jams. No half-hearted, the impact of congestion occurs from Hamlet Atas, Semanggi, to Senayan and is estimated to reach more than 4 kilometers. According to local police, congestion has occurred for several days in a row.

The impact, Citayam Fashion Week will move to a more strategic and conducive location. Some argue that the location can be moved to the Sarinah area. But there are also those who hope that the location remains the same, namely Dukuh Atas. Where do you think the location should be?

7. Property Pricesdthe income of the merchant rises

The growing number of visitors at the Citayam Fashion Week location certainly has a good influence on the income of traders and property prices in the Sudirman area. According to an Instagram account@finfolkmoney, the income of traders there has increased to more than 3 times per day.

In addition, according to the Head of JLL Indonesia Researcher Yunus Karim revealed that Citayam Fashion Week had an effect on property prices in the Sudirman area. But he stated that the actual property price rose actually due to the high influence of accessibility, not because of the Phenomenon of Citayam Fashion Week.

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