She played Carmela on "The Sopranos". See Edie Falco now at 58 years old.

The Emmy winning actor is much more than Mrs. Soprano.

Edie Falco Was an actor who has been working for decades, and although she is best known for having played Carmela Soprano, the married wife in a mafia boss, in the HBO dramatic series of HBOThe sopranos, his career has since covered much more ground - and has earned him even more critical praise. In fact, years laterit's like that At the end, she won an Emmy and a Golden Globe and was nominated for a Tony Award, all the same year.

Continue to read to find out where the actor's career has taken her in recent years and what she is doing now at the age of 58.

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She has been working on television regularly for many years.

James Gandolfini and Edie Falco in 2000
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Born in Long Island of parents who were both involved in the arts (his father was a jazz drummer and his mother, actor), Falco studied the game at university and then moved to New York to start his career. She appeared in films of whichThe incredible truth andBroadway balls And on television shows, including the soap operaMagnet,,Law and order, andHomicide Before winning a recurring role in the drama of HBO prisonOz, making 23 episodes between 1997 and 2000.

It was at this time that CreatorDavid Chase launch it like Carmela Soprano, partner and sometimes havingJames Gandolfini Mob boss in difficulty, Tony Soprano. "She was so good," said Chase, as mentioned inthe bookSoprano sessions. "There could be no one else."

AfterThe sopranos Completed in 2007, Falco Guest played on30 rock andWill and grace Before playing her next career role: New York nurse E.R. Jackie Peyton on Showtime'sNurse Jackie. The show lasted six seasons and won the star with many distinctions, including, in 2011, an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the best actress.

SinceNurse Jackie Completed in 2015, Falco appeared in theLaw and order spin offReal crime, who focused onThe murders lead; And CBS criminal dramaTommy, which was created in 2020 and lasted a season.

She also has a film career.

Edie Falco in 2000
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Although better known for his work on television, Falco is also a busy film player. After leavingThe sopranos, she appeared in the award -winning independent film3 backcours, the satireThe gods behave badly, black comedyThe comedian withRobert de Niroand the 2018 Netflix filmThe country of regular habits.

Falco admits that she prefers to act on television to appear in films. "There are certainly advantages from an acting point of view onPlay the same character Really, "she told Salon in 2020." You don't have to rediscover it every week. The challenges are really fun, but you have a border to play. ""

He is an acclaimed stage actor.

Edie Falco in 2021
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Falco has become a regular stage actor, appearing in a number of acclaimed productions by Broadway and Off-Broadway since his debut on stage in Tony Winning and Pulitzer Prix in 1998Man on the side.

His theater work includes playsFrankie and Johnny in the moonlight,,'Night Motherand the 2011 renewal ofThe blue leaves house, for which she was nominated for a Tony Award.

A cancer diagnosis has changed his life.

Edie Falco in 2020
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Falco never got married but she is the mother of two children: a son, adopted in 2005, and a girl, adopted in 2008. She decided to become a parent after being diagnosed - and fighter - in the early 2000s. "I never really thought I would have children," she saidLas Vegas Journal in 2020. "ThenThe cancer thing I came into play. Once I realized that I was not going to die, it was like a light in progress. I knew I wanted to be a mother. ""

Falco is vegan and has spent time volunteering for people for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA). "Let's teach our children to respect and be compassionate for all beings -human and animal", She said in a video of the organization encouraging parents not to take their children in circuses that use living animals.

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She filmed scenes for the Sopranos prequel and will appear in the Avatar after.

Edie Falco in 2021
Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

Falco has recently returned to its most emblematic role, Filming of scenes like Carmela For the years 2021 The many saints of Newark , a prequel to The sopranos focused on Tony's maturity and get involved in the family business. However, its appearance was finally deleted when the film's flashback structure was reuttilled. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Falco's next role will make him a long way from New Jersey. She will appear as a general in two suites of James Cameron Science fiction blockbuster Avatar , including Avatar: Water path , in December 2022.

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