The 8 countries easier to visit at the moment, say experts

With fewer restrictions, you can easily travel to these attractive destinations.

If, as if you had been bitten by the travel bug recently, you are not alone. After a long winter (and an even longer pandemic), many people are looking forward to flee. The good news is that, as more and more countries have abandoned some of their entry requirements, the trip to the world isbecome easier That it has been for years - especially for vaccinated.

Although these restrictions vary a little from one country to another, many eliminate someRequirements for tests,,quarantine on arrival, and vaccination, or get rid of each of them as vaccination and vaccination rates improve. This means fewer steps to take when you prepare for takeoff, which results in a much less stressful experience all around.

Do not forget: if you decide to go to one of these countries, it is important to always assess your own personal health and risk tolerance, and take everythingRecommended safety precautions. Also note that travel guidelines are constantly changing, so you will want to monitor the official website of your destination for up -to -date information as you get closer to your trip, and theUS State Department website Before returning.

So, ready to take out the passport and start packing your suitcase? Here are some of the least restrictive destinations that you can visit now. And for more, do not miss these10 American islands to add to your list of buckets.


Santorini Greece
Roman Sigaev / Shutterstock

With crystal clear waters, unrivaled hospitality and worthy cuisine, a trip to Greece will help you shake these pandemic blues. Fortunately, all travelers, whatever their country of origin, can enter Greece without having to provide proof of vaccination, recovery of the virus or a COVVI-19 test certificate on arrival, according toDanielle Riddle, co-founder and CEO ofInspired travel group in Vancouver.

"With restrictions on the vision of the background, there are not many better options to satisfy your interior flying with a rich culture, idyllic beaches, incredible historical sites and sumptuous food" , she says.

Riddle recommends making island jumps, as well as exploring the cultural and historical wonders of Athens, for a perfectly balanced vacation.

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Flamingoes in Aruba
Oscar Gces / Shutterstock

Dream of atropical escape This spring or this summer? Aruba abandoned all travel restrictions linked to COVID-19 on March 19, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway on the island.

"Previously, tourists were allowed to enter only with a negative coronavirus test, proof of complete vaccination or proof of recovery," saidGary Prado, resident travel expert and vice-president at the Florida-based time-based time marketRed week.

Although proof of the vaccination and the results of negative tests are no longer necessary for the entry, Prado notes that all travelers are always necessary to obtain insurance of ARUBA visitors and finish the boarding / landing card 'Aruba before arrival, which is the country's customs and immigration process.


Mexico City Mexico
Diego Grandi / Shutterstock

MexicoCovid regulations are relatively relaxed compared to most other international destinations, explains Prado. Passengers can be subject toHealth projections, including temperature controls, and those showing symptoms can be subject to additional health screening and / or forty, according to the United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico. Apart from that, however, there is no vaccination, COVID-19 tests or quarantine requirements for entry.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"I recommend Mexico because there are many hotels and stations that offer free covid tests and comfort in quarantine", explainsAnh the, owner and author atLuxury in the budget Travel blog. "This means that if you test positive for COVID-19 at the end of your stay, the hotel will provide you with free accommodation for around 40 days."

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Bariloche Argentina
DUDAREV Mikhail / Shutterstock

Argentina may have had strict locking for the first year of the pandemic, but things are much more relaxed now - in fact, there is no vaccination or test to enter the country.

And for additional peace of mind, this country had had continuous days with cocovio zero and 90% of the country is fully vaccinated, saysAnde Wanderer, the owner and editor -in -chief of the travel and culture siteWander in Argentina. It is also one of the most affordable countries in the world to visit now thanks to parallel currency that allows visitors to obtain double pesos for their dollar.

"Snowboarders and skiers can go to Las Leñas in Mendoza or Bariloche for some of the best skiing of the Americas at Latin American prices," adds Wanderer. "In the coastal Patagonian around Puerto Madryn, visitors can see whales, elephant seals, sea lions, dolphins of conical head clerk. Even a week in Buenos Aires is an excellent steak and promising Malbiers dinners, Endless cultural events, and even dancing in the street, especially on the day of independence of Argentina, July 9. "

While you are there, Wanderer recommends going to Uruguay, who does not have a test for visitors either. Those who are not vaccinated must simply present a negative test carried out within 72 hours of the entry.


London England
Zgphotography / Shutterstock

The United Kingdom abandoned all COVVI-19 travel restrictions in March remaining in March. Not only is England ideal during the summer, but Alex Tiffany - a travel planner and the founder of the blogJust go explore—Note that this country comes to life in summer, with lots of festivals, outdoor advertising gardens and cultural and sporting events to expand.

Sarah-Leigh Shenton- The Merchant Director of the Luxury Travel Company based in England Red Savannah - quotes the Glyndebourne, Garsington and the Grange Opeer Festival festivals as well as the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and Wimbledon as reasons to visit. Better still, Shenton notes that each of these events is easily accessible from London.


Ocho Rios Street Market in Jamaica
Ovidiu Curic / Shutterstock

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) updated the Jamaica Consultative Status toLevel 1 Due to the small number of COVID-19 cases. In addition to the drop in cases, Jamaica has also abandoned all requirements for a negative test result, proof of vaccination or forty on arrival. That makes this island an ideal place to visit if you are concerned about your health and your safety, but you also want to avoid tracas related to travel, saidVictoria Polansky, an account manager at the Travel and Lifestyle agencyLou Hammond group in South Carolina.

"International visitors to Jamaica are no longer required to obtain travel authorization to enter the island," explains Polansky. "But all other public health measures remain in place, including the requirement for public establishments to provide hand washing stations or hand disinfection equipment to anyone entering the premises."

As a bonus, Polansky notes that there are a ton of fun festivals on the island during the summer, including the Jamaica Rum Festival in June, the Jamaica carnival in July and the Sumfest reggae in July.


Copenhagen Denmark
Nick N A / Shutterstock

Denmark abandoned all COVVI-19 entry restrictions COVID-19 at the end of March. But this is not the only reason to visit this charming Scandinavian country.

"Denmark is rich in history that dates back to the Vikings in the 8th century", saysJosefine Kraemer andDominik Kropacek, co-founders and owners of the travel blogRed white adventures. "Visit the beautiful capital of Copenhagen, take a trip to the island of Bornholm and discover a biosphere of UNESCO Møns Klint."

Astrid Thornton, the founder of the travel guide siteLook for Scandinavia, adds that June, July, August and September are the best months to visit Denmark because the days are longer and that the temperatures are a little higher. This means that you can cycle in picturesque cities, savor an outdoor Scandinavian meal and enjoy even more than Denmark has to offer.


Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland
Puripat lertpunyaroj / Shutterstock

Visiting Iceland could not be easier at the moment, because there are no restrictions linked to the trash in place on February 25, 2022.

As a bonus, Thornton says that the longer days during the summer will allow you to fully appreciate the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. In fact, it remains light outside until 10 p.m. At 1 a.m. during this season. This means that you will have a lot of daylight to explore as well as many photo sessions. And since the average summer temperatures fly over the mid -1950s, you never overheat by hiking in the trails around Reykjavik.

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