Your luckiest day of the year, according to your zodiac sign

You will not want to miss these key dates.

Each month brings a new start, and with it, new opportunities. And although hard work is necessary to continue your dreams, it does not hurt to haveluck on your side. There are several key astrological events this year that have the potential to change your life in a major way. If you are curious to know what the universe has in store for you in 2022, you are lucky. Read more to find out what your lucky day is your day, according to your zodiac sign.

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Aries: August 18

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Although you are not unrelated toSuccess and success, this year has slowed you down more than you want. But you do not allow discouragement to prevent you from crushing your goals. Fortunately, your persistence will be rewarded by your luckiest day of the year, August 18. This transit will lead to an unexpected chance and abundance for Aries when Jupiter and Venus will form a harmonious connection in the sky. This day will bring advantages such as inspiration for creative projects and events becoming reality.

Taurus: October 25

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You are going through a major personal transformation this year, Taurus. The Eclipse season will highlight your personal finances and your relationships, where you will be forced to reassess your relationships, your personal values, your limits, your finances and the way you connect with others. These lessons will succeed at a major transformation on October 25. The partial solar eclipse in Scorpion that occurs that day will mark an internal change in your healing trip. The energy of this day will make you feel ready to enter the next phase of life with confidence.

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Gemini: May 30

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Life evolves quickly for you, Gemini, and you have exceeded expectations. No matter what has been launched so far, you are ready for a new start. In the past year, you have learned to say more clearly to your mind and to fight for what you want. As such, you are ready to leave thoseTrends that appeal to people Behind when the new moon enters your sign on May 30. This transit will allow you to clearly visualize your dreams. It is a particularly excellent period to share your story with the world and create a change with your new voice.

Cancer: July 17


Your career takes off this year, cancer. And although you have greeted this change with excitement, it can sometimes become overwhelming for you. So far, you have spent the year juggling new responsibilities with old routines and trying to find a balance. If life feels like you can't take a break, you will want to mark your calendar for July 17. On this day, the sun and the mercury will both occupy your panel and make a time when you should really trust your intuition. This is an ideal moment to make decisions about a major project or a life change that you have thought.

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Leo: July 31

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You are used tothe spotlights, Leo. However, this year has had a little slow start for you. The eclipses that took place earlier this year threw a little shadow on your creative side. As such, you felt disconnected from your usualPlayful self. No need to worry, however: sunny days are just around the corner. On July 31, you will get an additional dose of inspiration when the sun and Jupiter will meet. This is the perfect time to kiss what makes you feel inspired and wear your heart on your sleeve. If you have postponed to the end of a creative project, it is now time to take action. It's time to get back there and make your light shine on others.

Virgin: August 22

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It's your year to get in all aspects of life, Virgo. There has been a major change in your love life in recent months, with major commitments on the horizon for some. This year, those of you who have worked hard on relationships will see tangible results. Therefore, it is important to complete and take care of the details before making the jump. On August 22, the sun enters your panel, changing energy towards sensitivity and organization. It is an ideal moment to plan major events and use your eye for details to find unique solutions to problems. It is also an ideal time to assess how you can express yourself more authentically in your relationship.

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Balance: October 22

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The money has caused you problems this year, balances. In fact, there was an increased concentration onto save money As you sail on changes in life. Your financial situation made you think too much. Fortunately, the point of Venus star on October 22 will bring you a financial windfall. You can expect abundance, as well as an exciting new start linked to your confidence, your creativity and your personal funds. This is the perfect time to update your CV and your network.

Scorpion: November 15

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You rolled up with the punches this year, Scorpion. As such, you have learned to kiss the unknown and be more flexible in the face of adversity. You will discover a break in chaos on November 15 when Venus - the planet of love - and Jupiter - the planet of luck - constitute a mystical link. This transit will bring a surprising and welcome change to your love life. You will find that questions of encounters with much easier than usual; So use this time to lower your hair and have fun!

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Sagittarius: August 17

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You have always had an carefree spirit, the Sagittarius. But with so many changes in your inner world and your relationships, it did not have the impression of having been able to broadcast your wings this year. Although you are not a big planner, you should make an exception and plan to do something special on August 17. Venus will activate your sense of Wanderlust anddesire to travel. If you have rejected friends in another state or if you have a takeover that should be used, it's time to pack your bags and get a new perspective beyond your office.

Capricorn: September 25


The career is generally the goal for you, Capricorn. However, your work has eaten more of your time than usual lately. But all your hard work will materialize on September 25, when the new Lune en Balance will bring you new opportunities at work. Expect that a new idea is going well, or a possible increase and promotion to take shape during this period. And don't forget to enjoy a well -deserved celebration with friends and relatives before going back to your work. You deserved it!AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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Aquarius: June 5

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You have never been the type to get away from a challenge, Aquarius - and that's a good thing. This year was a practice to break fromthe status quo. You spent the first months in 2022 to redefine what success for you is like. That said, this new opportunity could make you bit more than you could chew. If this is the case, Saturn retrograde on June 5 will give you the opportunity to take a break and reassess. This transit will allow you to see things more clearly and to decide whether this new path deserves to be prosecuted.

Fish: April 12 (October 28)

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There have been a lot of changes in your love life, as well as development with your own self-esteem, fish. Your luckiest day of the year occurred on April 12 when Jupiter and Neptune formed a cosmic connection in your sign. The energy of this single transit has helped to amplify your individuality and to fill you with confidence. On October 28, Jupiter will enter your sign from the Maison des Poissons, giving you another chance to draw on this magic. If you feel stuck, put the planet of abundance in your sign will help you overcome all the difficult situations or conflicts to which you have treated.

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