If it's your language of love, you are more likely to divorce

There could be a rocky road to come.

It is a sad truth that all couples who do not descend into the aisle will find the happiness they are looking for. On the contrary, in 2020, a year when 1,676,911Weddings have been reported In the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 630,505 divorces and cancellations have also been announced. However, this does not mean that the majority of marriages are condemned. With good communication, efforts and an appreciation, a relationship can flourish and become one of the most rewarding aspects of his life.

But when it comes to how we give and receive love, there are a few people who should be very careful with their marriage andits collapse potential. Your language of love can say a lot about you, even if your union will last or not. Read the rest to discover the language of love which, according to experts in relation, means that you are more likely to divorce.

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Here is what you need to know about the five love languages.


To start, what are theFive love languages? "Love languages ​​are a concept developed by the author and the pastorGary Chapman To describe different ways that people express love and like to express loveSuzannah Weiss, aSex and love coach and certified sex educator. "These are gifts, quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation and physical touch." To learn your language of love, you can just take aOnline quiz.

Once you know your love language and your partner's love language, you can use this information to discover the ways you can go to each other. "For example, if your language of love is gifts, you might assume that the sweetest way to help your partner recover from a bad day is to offer them a gift," said Weiss. "But if their love language is a physical touch, they can actually prefer a hug session or a massage." Although these preferences can vary day by day, knowledge of their love language could help you guide your general approach.

A romantic language can lead to a divorce more frequently than the others.

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Unfortunately, there could be a language of love that could point out Splitsville more often than the others. According toRori Sassoon,,expert expert And co -owner of the Platinum Pear twinning agency, this love language is gifts. "A person whose favorite love language is the gift will have the most difficult to connect with the four remaining love languages," explains Sassoon. "Whether it's time, touch, service or words, a gift lover may not see the value in precious moments on gifts." This could lead to fighting and incompatibility if the other partner does not understand the donor's approach.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Things could especially go south if there is a change of fortune in a relationship with a person whose love language is gifts. "Say that their partner has gone through an approximate, financially speaking patch," explains Sassoon. "If they could no longer provide" love "through gifts, is the relationship in danger of collapsing? When the foundation of love implies a gift on a person, the relationship is fragile to start . "

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And these two languages ​​of love could be incompatible.

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Other languages ​​of love could also be at risk of marital conflicts. "The most difficult game of love languages ​​in my experience is when a person needs words of affirmation and that the other is not good to express love with words and has acts of service like his number one language, "saidAmy Armstrong, an approved self-employed worker and co-founder ofThe family resolution center.

Keresse Thompson,,Approved clinical social worker And the host of the Podcast Journal of an Empathe, agrees that these two languages ​​of love can sometimes compete. "The words of the affirmation partner just need to hear validation," says Thompson. "While the partner of acts of service simply wants his partner to do everything possible or do things that facilitate their lives." Fortunately,healthy communication Can solve this problem and allow the two members of the couple to feel seen, heard and appreciated.

You can use love languages ​​to improve your relationship.

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The best thing about to immerse yourself in the knowledge of the five love languages ​​is that you can use it to improve your wedding - even if you feel that it is somewhat on the rocks. The easiest way to start is to determine you and your partner's love language. Then learn everything you can on each of these love languages. "Take time, alone or together to do research and discover your partner's love language," saidSophie Mona Pagès, queer, expert in two and founder and CEO ofRelations application Campfire. "It is also important to learn and better understand your own language of love to be able to explain it much better."

Then come back together and talk. "It is essential to sit with your partner, to discuss your results and to ask the important question: how would you like that I speak your language of love?" said Pagès. "These categories are simple directives; love languages ​​manifest themselves differently in different people, and you must understand the individual experiences and needs of your loved ones." Pagès notes that it is important to be vulnerable and honest during this stage.

Finally, act and continue to discuss your love languages ​​and how you can bettershow affection each other. "Relations are always a work in progress and recordings are necessary along the way," explains Pagè. "From time to time, plan a little time with your partner to sit down and discuss how you do so far to talk about languages ​​of each other and what you can do better in the future." From there, you will be on the right track to go to the same wavelength and feel more valued than ever.

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