She played Maggie on "Northern Exhibition". See Janine Turner now at 59 years old.

The television star also tried other careers.

From 1990 to 1995, viewers got to know the residents of the Cicely City, in AlaskaNorth exhibition. The distribution of characters included a doctor, an owner / mayor of Bar, and an air taxi driver named Maggie O'Connell, who was played byJanine Turner. For its role in the original series, Turner was nominated for an Emmy and Three Golden Globe Awards for the best actress in a dramatic series.

Since the end of the show, Turner has continued to act, but has also tried many other jobs, from the organization of a radio program to writing books to co-found an organization. Read the rest to find out more about his life today.

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It still acts.

Janine Turner at the 1992 Golden Globe Awards
Barry King / Liaison via Getty Images

Turner had been acting for years when she was thrown awayNorth exhibition. She played recurring roles onDallas andGeneral hospital and also appeared inSteel Magnolias. After his time onNorth exhibition, the actor continued to appear in the showsStrong medicine andFriday evening lights. She was also in the moviesSuspense andComfort. Turner's most recent project was the film Hallmark Channel 2021Take the reins.

The 59 -year -old actor shares updates on his career, including his experiences with auditions, on his Instagram account. She was alsoShare details on a musical that she wrote.

She has tried many other companies.

Janine Turner at the 1995 Golden Globe Awards
Ron Galella collection, Ltd / Ron Galella via Getty Images

Turner hasI spent many career paths in addition to acting. To name just a few: she wrote four books. She hosted a podcast calledGod on the move Minute. She produced and played in a Christian yoga video entitledChristuga. She works as a speaker and political commentator. And she co -founded an organization calledConstituting America.

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She is a mother.

Turner has a 24 -year -old daughter,Juliette Turner-Jones, who is currently a student at the Harvard Law School, with his ex, Dallas Cowboys ExecutiveJerry Jones Jr.Turner publishes the occasional update on his daughter on her Instagram. In December 2021,She legend a photo Among the two, "This is why I came back in my career for a while - to raise my beautiful girl! You do not recover these years and I do not regret a minute to spend all my time with my baby. We create Always anyway! Always. "AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

She recently found herNorth exhibition comrades.

Janine Turner at a screening of
Lev Radin / Pacific Press / Lightrocket via Getty Images

The Northern Exhibition Casting has returned to place a few times over the years. In 2017,ROB MORROW,,Cynthia Geary, and the creator of the showJoshua brand were interviewed byToday. Turner commented how much they grew up when filming the show in a small town in Washington.

"We were far from Los Angeles. We were safe from Hollywood, and I think that gave us a kind of bond and naivety and we were not jaded," she said. "We just had a wonderful kind of link from the start."

In 2020 - The yearNorth exhibition Marked its 30th anniversary - Most of the actors met for the Vulture Festival. Turner, Morrow, Geary,Barry Corbin, andJohn Corbett everythingAssisted the virtual event. In 2018, it had been reported that the show was goinghave a renewal series, but he has not yet arrived.

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