Google has just issued this urgent alert for all Android users

The company makes major changes to these popular devices.

Google is responsible to organize a positive user experience for the most than2.5 billion people Who use Android devices worldwide, because the company has the operating system (OS) for these devices since the acquisition of the startup behind Android in 2005. However, it has not been smooth since then. In only the past few months, Google must have issued a number of alerts to Android users, warning them that the applications collect their data to warn them againstNew hacking patterns. Now the company has just published a new alert on an update that will have an impact on many loyal Android users. Read the rest to discover what Google is preparing to change permanently.

Read this then:Google has just issued another urgent warning to all Android users.

Google recently made a number of changes to Android experience.

person holding Android smartphone

Android users had to adjust recently in different ways due to Google changes. One of these updates that has struck the most difficult users is Google's decision to update its payment policy and strengthen billing service requirements for application developers. Many companies have since limited and deleted certain features from their Android applications, probably as a way to maintain their full income.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

On April 1, Amazon ceased to allow audible users tobuy audio books With a credit or debit card on its Android application, the penis reported. Shortly after April 4, Barnes & Noble informed buyers that they would not be able to buy digital books or other content from its Nook application for Android. More recently, HuluDelete the option So that users can create a new account or start a new free trial on its application for Android and Android TV.

Now, the company is getting something else away from Android users.

Google Pixel 5a - High Tech Smartphone With Big Screen And Modern Design. Concept For Mobile Phone, Communication And Technology

On May 11, Google unveiled its next major Android smartphone: the Pixel 6A. According to CNBC, the last pixel budget phonewill be largely similar In the design of that of Pixel 6 of its flagship line, although smaller and cheaper. But just like Pixel 6 - which was published in October 2021 - The Pixel 6aIt will not be A headphone jack, the initiate reported. Instead, users can only connect the headphones via the USB-C port, which will force you to buy an adapter if you want to use traditional headphones, according to the media.

It is unlikely that Google will understand a headphone jack in all pixel phones in the future.

closeup of a young man using a smpartphone with a cable plugged into it, sitting in a comfortable sofa indoors

Google has not used headphones in its flagship pixel line from theXL original pixel and original pixel The phones were published in 2016, reported Screen Rant. So, even if it is not the first time that Google has deleted the Pixel telephones headset, it is a notable change compared to the last phone published in the budgetary pixels line, because the Pixel 5A includes a headphone jack. According to Insider, the Google Pixel Budgetary Budgetary range has been one of the last outlines of smartphones to always include headphones.

"On this note, there is not much hope for Google to resuscitate the 3.5 mm headphone jack on future smartphones," said Screen Rant experts, adding that it is "extremely unlikely that We will see the headphone jack on the pixel 7. "

But the company recently made fun of Apple to get rid of the same thing.

Google Pixel 4 XL in clearly white color and iPhone 11 Pro Max in midnight green being held by a customer. Manhattan, New York, USA, October 24, 2019.

This decision could be a shock for Android users, especially because Google explicitly presented the fact that its smartphones always included headphone jack. After Apple launched the tendency to move away from this functionality with the iPhone 7 in 2016, GoogleMake a two -minute announcement Apple parody and making noisy advertising of the Pixel 5A headphone jack in August 2021, according to The Verge. The company has since reached the conclusion that functionality does not correspond to the future of its products.

"We finally decided that the inclusion of a headphone jack harms basic product specifications and did not line up with the Google ecosystem we are looking for," said a Google representative to inside. "We have considerably improved the Bluetooth performance of the Pixel 6A by adding Bluetooth v5.2 and the management of the double chain, which means that connected devices will have an excellent audio range and quality."

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