Dr. Faisci warns of Covid's mutation in four states

"When you get more cases, you will have more hospitalizations and other deaths."

Americans should not reject the mutation of theCOVID-19 [Feminine Virus, saysDr. Anthony Fauci, the main infectious expert-infectious disease of the nation.Fuci has appeared on MSNBCAll in with Chris Hayes Monday night, and in response to the host's question on how we should seriously take the news of the virus mutation, he said, "We take it quite seriously. It seems to make the virus much more easily transmitted, "said Fauci. "Once this will become more easily transmissible, you will have more cases. And when you get more cases, you will get more hospitalizations and more deaths. It's pretty serious with what we pass now. We do not need to have it worse. "Read it to discover how you can stay safe from the mutation - and to ensure your health and health of others, do not miss theseWithout signs that you have already had coronavirus.

The new mutation is in four American states

Covid-19 is an RNA virus. Most mutations of RNA viruses do not make sense, in that they do not affect the function of the virus, has explained withden.However, a more infectious virus is the last thing the Americans need.In many areas of the United States, hospitals are already tailing under an influx of CIVID-19 patients, reporting ICAs that are up to or above the capacity and shortage of health workers.

The Covid mutated virus has been identified for the first time in the United Kingdom in September.In recent weeks, cases have been discovered in Colorado, California, Florida and New York. The New York case, reported Tuesday, is a retail worker in his 30 years who had not traveled recently, which means that his illness is probably the result of the spread of the community. Although the mutated virus seems to be easier to catch, it does not seem to be more fatal or cause a more serious illness, it does not seem to replace the new CVIV-19 vaccines.

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So why the concern? A more contagious virus is more difficult to contain, which means more people need to be vaccinated to end the pandemic. And the deployment of TRUMP administration vaccine continues more slowly than expected. On Monday night's night, 4.5 million people had received the first two-dose shot. The government promised that 20 million people would be vaccinated at December 31, 2020.

"We have to have the pace," said Fauci, who will remain with the Biden Administration as a medical officer. "We are not where we want to be. There is no doubt about it. No excuse."

Fauci said 75% to 80% of Americans should be vaccinated before the country can reach the immunity of the flock, a.k.a. A return to normal life. According to the CDC, the government has spread up to 15.4 million doses of vaccine, sufficiently 5% of the US public to receive one of the two required doses.

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How to survive this pandemic

As for yourself, do everything you can to prevent you from installing and spread-Covid-19 in the first place:Carry a face maskBe tested if you think you have coronavirus, avoid crowds (and bars and evenings of the house), practice social distance, do only run essential races, wash your hands regularly, disinfect frequently affected areas and to cross this healthiest pandemic, do not miss these35 places you are most likely to catch Covid.

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